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The Loving Slave (Harlequin Presents, #523) When Did Love Turn To Vengeful Hate Young Gina Hero Worshipped Quentin Hurst, But To Him She Was Just A Child, A Dirty Tomboy Who Helped In His Stables With The Horses His Frequent Snide Remarks Had Been Cruel, But She D Always Forgiven Him.Except For The Cruelest Cut Of All His Smiling Indulgence Of The Elegant Blanche Edgar.But Gina Was Older Now, With Beauty And Status Of Her Own The Wounded Heart She Bore Was A Woman S Heart, And Now, In Turn, With A Woman S Wiles She Wanted To Hurt Quentin

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    DNF I just couldn t with this book I totally got that the hero was wildly and inappropriately attracted to the heroine in the beginning He was cruel to be kind how could he, a snob and old enough to know better, hook up with a dirty stable girl The hero, I could understand, but the heroine good lord If you look up TSL in the romance reader

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    Sorry, just did not like this one I usually like the older man younger woman theme in my HPs, but this one fell short I found Gina to be beyond pathetic during the first third of the book while her hero Q...

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    I just had to go spoil my happy Xmas heart by reading this crapfest didn t I Maybe it s because I have a love hate relationship with Margaret Pargeter and couldn t help myself when I was cleaning up my storage room which contains lots of very old harlequins I inherited from my favorite aunt I was sure that I had read this before but I was soo

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    Ah My first HP read in quite awhile and luckily it wasnt half bad I have had this on my TBR for quite awhile and I dont even remember why nothing new with most of my TBR though I liked both the H h even though the H was a true a hole and the h was a witch midway through the book not to mention an idiot view spoiler why in the world would she l

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    3.5 starsMay dec guardian ward ish type story where the hero treats the much younger and dirty heroine like an disgusting underling but then goes for her hot and heavy when she comes into an inheritance and gets cleaned up Juicy OW stuff and som...

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    Such a tstl heroine

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    I liked both hero and heroine They were insecure and clueless but the angst kept me entertained

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    amazingly i liked the book yes, amazingly because the hero was such an asshole my he behaved abominably how could gina go on loving him if i were in gina s place, any love i had had felt for quentin would have died and left only a profound disgust i don t understand the harlequin books somtimes...

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    With all that blurb, I was expecting a Diana Palmer kind of asshat hero but I ve got to mention that he wasn t half as awful as them, even at his worst Besides, it was quite clear from his behaviour that he luuurved the heroine even when she was a plain jane It s hilarious how these old school books give no hero POV, but show the heroes luuurve thr

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    Horrible book Don t waste your time ugh

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