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The Making of the Middle Ages Ebook The Making Of The Middle Ages Author R.W Southern Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN 0300002300 This Is An Absorbing Study Of The Main Personalities And The Influences That Molded The History Of Western Europe From The Late Tenth To The Early Thirteenth Century Southern Describes The Chief Forms Of Social, Political, And Religious Organization. The style is great but the content is lacking.You could say it would be a good introduction to medieval history, but Southern presumes you already know who figures are like Gregory VII and name drops a variety of other events or movements without explanation This would be all we After this brief appearance he vanished from history, and the whole incident might be dismissed as one of those inexplicable approaches of worlds moving in different orbits and disturbing for a moment the even tenor tenor of their course, were it not for what followed My reading progression was routinely distracted last week This is customary, hardly an aberration A return to Chinese literature was a possibility The killings at Charlie Hebdo changed that I really appreciate Dr Southern s work I m sure there have been successive waves of disputation and engagement since its publication This remains a brilliant portrait of an age The 11th and 12th Centuries were brazen efforts at stability Augustine, Anselm and Boethius appear to be the heroes in this text I also appreciated Southern s characterization of the opposition between Byzantines and the Latin West the obscure rituals of the former appearing to the latter like a visit to the Kremlin There is An acknolwedged classic of european history, R.W Southern s The Middle Ages focuses on the period between 900 and 1200 A.D His geopgraphic focus is mostly northern france, with some asides to Germany, Italy, Southern France and England His main thesis is the idea that this period saw the emergence of a personal devotion to faith via monasticism that in turn prefigured the rise of invdividual identity in western culture No small accomplishment, that thesis, and no small accomplishment this book Southern s style of writing is charming and concise You don t get the thesis till the last chapter, but the preceding chapters are entertaining, enjoyable reading The author who turned me on to this book was the recently deceased Norman F Cantor in his dishy The Making of the Middle Ages , which I also recommend for any one who is reading on this subject outside the academy Cantor s main point was to show how the empire building mind set of the Annales school of the history of the middle ages which concentrates its focus on the role of the peasant in the society of the middle ages , had deprived other schools of much needed oxygen Well, he didn t put it that way exactly, but that s what he said Cantor, of course, studied under Southern, so the bias is there None the less, having read several books from the Annales school and none from Southern and his progeny, I would have to say that the two compliment one another and Southern cites Marc Bloch, the much This was a favorite text from one of my undergraduate history courses and I have owned it for so long that the Yale University Press paperback edition that cost me 2.45 so many years ago is no longer in print I m glad the book is still available, because it is a small less than 300 pages gem of intellectual history The author examines the period from AD 972, when a scholar named Gerbert probably left Rom

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