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The Marriage of Inconvenience Her Lawfully Wedded Husband AgainWhen Angeline Scott S Business Is In Trouble, She Turns To The One Man Who Can Help RJ Davet She Needs Him To Pose As Her Husband To Secure A Vital Deal Surely That Shouldn T Be Too Difficult, Seeing As RJ Played That Role Spectacularly Well Until Their Marriage Fell Apart Opening The Door To RJ Again Makes Angel Realize Something Immediately She S Never Gotten Over Him But Can She Convince Him Of That Before This Deal Is Struck And He Walks Out Of Her Life Once

About the Author: Nina Singh

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    These two were tiresome The H h have been married for six years, but separated for three They broke up when the hero wanted to move to California and the heroine wanted to stay in Boston to grow her tea shop business The story opens when the heroine asks the hero to pretend they are happily married so she can source a special herb tea from a couple who only deal with family businesses.The hero agrees and shows up as a loving hus

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    This was one of my favourite tropes The married reunion It reminded me a little of Catherine Spencer s The Millionaire s Marriage An estranged couple forced to live together to appear happily married in front of someone important in their lives.In this case, Angeline Scott needs to expand her business TeaLC cute name and the answer is a fabulous herbal tea grown in central Europe or further east Only trouble is the owners of the t

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    Well this one is a lovely story of second chance romance and the first book I have read of MS Singh s and I look forward to many , she has a beautiful writing voice that brings out the emotions and feeling that two people can keep hidden for a long time Sit back and enjoy this trip to the lovely tea plantation and the blooms that help make tea and bring Angel and RJ back together.Angeline Scott comes from a rich Boston family and ha

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    The marriage of inconvenience is true romance at its best its when Angelina Scott and RJ Davet separated but not yet divorced find themselves pretending to still be married to procure a business deal for Angelina Why is this true romance, because while on the course of making believe they are still happily married, they discover all that caused them to separate to begin with RJ Davet comes from a poor background and Angelina is from w

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    The Marriage of Inconvenience, Nina Singh s second Harlequin Romance novel is a witty, sensually captivating read a perfect chillaxing treat for this summer heat I fell in love with RJ and Angeline the moment I met them Their personalities and their quiet presence jump out at you Through detailed, picturesque prose and an expressive writing style that is flawless by the way I connected with the hero and heroine on so many levels The dia

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    The Marriage of Inconvenience by Nina Singh is a feel good, classic romance Angelina Scott is estranged from her wealthy family because she chose to marry RJ Davet who comes from a poor background Their ma...

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    An unexpected reunion story Keeping secrets in the past only led to them falling apart, but can being forced together again work in their favor The plot is interesting, but I found it hard to connect totally with the characters Not a disappointing outcome though, so overall a solid read Angeline Scott finds herself in need of ...

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    The Marriage of Inconvenience by Nina Singh is a gripping tale of two people from different backgrounds who fell in love and got married but who let outside forces tear them apart When Angeline Scott needs her estranged husband s help, RJ Davet doesn t hesitate to come to her rescue Being thrown togeth...

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    THE MARRIAGE OF INCONVENIENCE by Nina SinghThis was an excellent read Loved from page 1 to the end Angeline Scott needed help from the one man that could help Her business was in trouble and she sent an email to RJ Davet, her ex husband She was working with a company that she needed to make this vital deal Well problem was that they only wanted to deal with married couples Angeline and RJ had that kind of marriage up until their marriage fell a

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    This is a fun read Singh s cheeky references to love are playful, and the storyline is sweet The characters banter is highly enjoyable, and readers will quickly flip through the pages to discover exactly what Angel will dec...

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