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The Memoirs of Josephine Mutzenbacher The Austrian Erotic Classic That Ll Make Any Parent Think Twice About Taking Their Young Ones To Meet A Beloved Children S Book Author Written By Felix Salten Bambi , The Memoirs Of Josephine Mutzenbacher Is The Story Of A Young Girl And Her Many Amorous Encounters, With Friends, Family, And The Local Priest, Culminating In Her Establishing A Career As A High Priced Courtesan The Author Of Bambi First Published This Work In

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    150 years ago, Felix Salten, author of Bambi, was born and apart from bringing one of the most beloved children s classics into the world, he is also notorious for having written the piece of filth I am reviewing here What can I say of course the publisher can try to label this as an Austrian erot

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    Now I do well realise that both the book description and indeed even a number of so called German Austrian literature experts seem rather willing and able to consider and describe Felix Salten s and yes indeed, the same Felix Salten of Bambi fame 1906 and anonymously published fictional memoirs of a fi

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    The author of Bambi is a case for not judging the whole person by one act People are complicated weird I read somewhere Cracked.com about this book tried finding it since I didn t believe what they said was true It was This is child porn On Gutenberg most sites, this book is only in German I found a poorly

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    I feel dirty after reading this book It has been quoted so much at me, particularly the character, whos name has become kind of synonymous with whores, at least in Austria, that I felt I had to fill a gap in my knowledge of Viennese fin de siecle literature Particularly since Schnitzler and several of his contem

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    DNF 20%Es que, sinceramente, prefiero este tipo de historias m s de ficci n De la imaginaci n y creatividad del escritor Josephine no es ni lo primero y carece de lo otro Se supone que estas son sus memorias Se supone que no es una escritora ni nada no esperaba m s Se supone que solo es una prostituta Se supone que e

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    Orrendo, ripetitivo, piatto, l uso continuo del particolare orrido per sfruttare l attrazione che viene con la repulsione.Il perfetto esempio da mostrare a chi sostiene che l arte degenerata fosse solo una invenzione di propaganda.

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    Creo que la novela ten a potencial, pero la novela parece que jam s pas por un proceso de correcci n, tiene bastante potencial y pudo haber sido algo bueno no obstante, la escritura est mala y la redacci n.

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    cringe worthy sex scenes, through and through Not an actual story Great for those who read for the sake of getting off.

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    TW statutory rape, incest, questionable consent

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    A glimpse of a darker timeWe are fortunate that our society and culture allows us to make decisions which are not forced by hunger, poverty and ignorance yet even so we are de evolving and our morals and customs are becoming coarser every year I hope this is not where we re going as a society

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