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The Missing Sister In Paris, Her Twin Sister Has Vanished, Leaving Behind Three Chilling Words Trust No One Shayna Darby Is Finally Coming To Terms With Her Parents Deaths When She S Delivered Another Blow The Body Of Her Estranged Twin Sister, Angela The Possible Victim Of A Serial Killer Has Been Pulled From The Seine Putting What S Left Of Her Life On Hold, Shayna Heads To Paris But While Cleaning Out Angela S Apartment, Shayna Makes A Startling Discovery A Coded Message Meant For Her Alone Alive Trust No One Taking The Warning To Heart, Shayna Maintains The Lie She Makes A Positive ID On The Remains And Works To Find Out Where And Why Her Missing Sister Is Hiding Shayna Retraces Her Sister S Footsteps, And They Lead Her Down Into Paris S UnderbellyAs She Gets Closer To The Truth And To The Killer Shayna S Own Life May Now Be In The Balance

About the Author: Elle Marr

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10 thoughts on “The Missing Sister

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    Elle Marr is obviously a talented writer but this is not the kind of book where you just glide through the words and turn pages compulsively I kept s

  2. says:

    ArreteC est ici l empire de la mortStopFor here is the empire of death Shayna Darby knows about loss.She lost both of her parents when she was

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    I delayed reading this book, as I didn t think it would be exciting Boy, was I wrong it was EXCELLENT One twin goes to Paris to search for her missing si

  4. says:

    Identical twins Angela and Shayna have been estranged for a few years until Angela who lives in Paris goes missing.Shayna flies from America to try to find

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    The Missing Sister by Elle Marr is an ambitious novel and, I must admit, I am struggling to articulate my thoughts The writing and premise are excellent, how

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    An excellent book Had fun reading it, and kept me on my toes the whole time Great character development and fascinating storyline.

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    Angela is missing and her twin sets out to find her There is a message that she is alive and to trust no one Surely that warning doesn t extend to her missing tw

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    I loved this book so much I couldn t stop reading after the first chapter It s engaging and the mystery is so well done I liked the idea of mixed race twins , the

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    After learning that her twin sister is dead, Shayna travels to Paris to identify her body But once she arrives she sees a message written by Angela,saying that Angel

  10. says:

    Trust No ONE No truly you have to watch out for yourself but for twins it becomes a bit complicated because they share a special bond a bond that is driven by blood.T

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