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The Noble Guardian (The Bow Street Runners #3) Staring at death was nothing new It was a way of life A companion Samuel frequently clasped hands with At last Michelle Griep gives us Samuel Thatcher s story in her Bow Street Runners trilogy When I first met this man in previous books, I knew he had a story to tell and knew it would be a good one I was wrong It was a great one When I saw the cover some time back, that feeling was simply reinforced Abigail Gilbert has been betrothed to a baronet, but must travel a long journey to his ancestral home to marry him She is than ready to leave a family who has no use for her A family that can t even be bothered to give her a manservant to travel with her on a dangerous journey And danger does indeed come, in the form of highwaymen Captain Samuel Thatcher arrives just in time to save Abby from said highwaymen He despises his job and is hoping to retire and buy land and become a farmer, far away from crime and death Abby asks him to escort her on her journey and he agrees only when she offers him a great deal of money He can buy his prope The Noble Guardian The Bow Street Runners 3 Ebook Author Michelle Griep Petrasrobert.eu A Cross Country Trip Through Regency England Brings Intrigue, Rogues, And High Adventure The Must Read Conclusion To Michelle Griep S Bow Street Runners Trilogy Life Couldn T Be Better For Abigail Gilbert But It S Been A Long Time Coming Having Lived With A Family Who Hated Her, Love Is Finally Within Reach Abby Sets Off On A Journey Across England To Marry One Of The Most Prestigious Gentleman Bachelors In The Land Until Highwaymen Upset Her Plans And Threaten Her Life.Horse Patrol Captain Samuel Thatcher Arrives Just In Time To Save Abby But To Him She S Simply Another Victim In A Job He S Come To Despise Tired Of The Dark Side Of Humanity, He Intends To Buy Land And Retire.Abby Pleads With Him To Escort Her On The Rest Of Her Journey He Refuses Until She Offers Him The Thing He Desperately Needs To Achieve His Goal Money Delivering Her Safely Will Earn Him Than Enough To Settle Into A Quiet Life.So Begins An Impossible Trek For The Cynical Lawman And The Proper Lady Each Will Be Indelibly Changed By The Time They Reach Her Betrothed, If They Don T Kill One Another First Or Fall In Love. Packed with heart and hope, The Noble Guardian is sure to take historical romance fans on a journey they won t want to end Endearing characters, a page turning plot, vivid prose, and timeless truths make this novel a true pleasure to read. The Noble Guardian is one of the best books I have read by this author I have enjoyed all of her books but this one just stood out to me I loved this romantic story It had lots of action, and awesome characters Especially little Emma The hero is a bow street runner and is a brooding captain who has lived a hard life The heroine is a lovely, naive, yet spunky young woman looking Digital ARC gently provided by publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 starsTo my surprise, it was better than I thought it would be This is a christian regency romance Miss Abigail Gilbert is anxious to leave a miserable home to marry a baronet who asked for her hand Captain Samuel Thatcher is an ex war veteran who patrolled the roads for highwaymen Circumstances force them to face the road and dangers to take the girl to her fianc , while the captain has his hands full with a promise to a friend Adventures and slow romance follow The end was a bit dragged The thing with the voices view spoiler and with that I mean 4.5 sThis is my 5th book by this author and it was my favorite Sigh I loved the main characters And can we talk about the cover L ve it I was hooked right away and smiled constantly watching the interaction be Right from the first page this novel hooked me Abigail Abby came from a family that hated her and didn t care whether she had escorts to make her journey to her groom All kinds of mishaps and dangerous situations she needed to get out of Samuel s sweet and caring side of his personality finally came out He sacrificed himself for others even though he sounded really gruff I loved learning about them layer by layer as they reveal a little of themselves along the way Each character seemed so real even the villains The villain was very sneaky and I could just picture him plotting out his next move He tormented Samuel at every turn but I loved how Samuel stayed strong and brave If you I respect your caution in sparing my sensibilities, sir, but I believe God provides us with fellow sojourners to help lighten our heavy loads through prayer and encouragement.I have so enjoyed this series by Michelle Griep Lots of action, adventure, and love written on a page and woven into intriguing tales The Noble Guardian for me was all about the characters.Abigail is an endearing character full of spunk She actually reminds me of a dear highschool friend so I really felt as if I knew her She always makes the most of situations Her character is so well done that the readers emotions are definitely highly invested in her outcome.Samuel can be a bit of an enigma, unless you know a man with a harsh exterior and a heart as soft as a pillow So he s not so different from many men His character is well done, and he brings a lot of mood and tension to the read.With a brooding man who exudes a harsh exterior, a woman who needs his protection to get to her fianc , and a little one who needs them to survive, all of this wrapped up in a story of magistrates, highway men, and a man wanting to kill for revengeyou don t want to miss book number three of the Bow Street Runners ye can safely leave them in God s hands Not that He can t use yer gun, though, mind he There s no sin in wanting to protect them The fault lies when he think ye re their sole prote The Noble Guardian is a exceptional book with wonderful characters Captain Thatcher is your dreamy and rugged guardian, Abby is short tempered and determined to be loved On their journey to Brakewell Hall many obstacles come into play that help each character grow Michelle Griep does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the story and opening our hearts t Reasons to read this book 1 it s a Michelle Griep book 2 it s the conclusion to The Bow Street Runners 3 it has scoundrels, adventure, and lots of romance 4 did I mention it s by Michelle Griep These Bow Street Runner guys are just heroes in disguise, and that is Samuel as well Though he didn t have to travel with Abigail all the way to her destination, his integrity didn t let him part with her, and he took his role of guardian seriously I really liked Abby and Samuel s interactions, especially with the baby, and the way they behaved as a famil

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I hear voices Loud Incessant And very real Which basically gives me two options choke back massive amounts of Prozac or write fiction I chose the latter Way cheaper I ve been writing since I discovered blank wall space and Crayolas I seek to glorify God in all that I writeexcept for that graffiti phase I went through as a teenager Oops Did I say that out loud

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