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The Other Side of Everything Ebook The Other Side Of Everything Author Lauren Doyle Owens Oaklandjobs.co.uk A First Rate Murder Mystery People For Fans Of Crime Fiction Wanting Literary Flair And Emotional Depth Publishers Weekly, Starred ReviewLaura Lippman Meets Megan Abbott In This Suspenseful Literary Debut About Three Generations Of Neighbors Whose Lives Intersect In The Aftermath Of A Crime.Bernard White Is A Curmudgeonly Widower Who Has Lived In Seven Springs, Florida For Decades And Has Kept To Himself Since His Wife Passed When His Neighbor Is Murdered, He Emerges From His Solitude To Reconnect With His Fellow Octogenarians These Connections Become A Literal Lifeline As A Second, And Then A Third, Elderly Woman Is Murdered, And The Originals As They Call Themselves, Realize That They Are Being Targeted.Amy Unger Is An Artist And Cancer Survivor Whose Emotional Recovery Has Not Been As Successful As Her Physical One After The Woman Next Door Is Murdered, She Begins To Paint Imagined Scenes From The Murder In An Effort To Cope With Her Own Loss But When Her Paintings Prove To Be Too Realistic, Her Neighbors Grow Suspicious, And She Soon Finds Herself In The Crosshairs Of The Police.And Then There S Maddie Lowe, A Teenage Waitress Whose Mother Recently Abandoned The Family As Maddie Struggles To Keep Her Family Together And Maintain The Appearance Of Normal Teenage Life, She Finds Herself Drawn To The Man The Police Say Is The Killer.As They Navigate Their Increasingly Dangerous And Tumultuous Worlds, Bernard, Amy, And Maddie Begin To Uncover The Connections Between Them, And The Past And Present, In A Novel That Ultimately Proves The Power Of Tragedy To Spark Renewal.

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    3.5 A different and unique take on a murder mystery First,note that there is no girl, mother, daughter nor sister in the title So refreshing Second, in the books summary there are no comparisons to Gone Girl or Girl on the Train A big zing Third, the murders concern three women, all octogenarians, all part of a group that referred to themselves as The originals They once had mates, but now one

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    This is crime fiction that semotional than thrilling, but that s not a bad thing You get to know the characters very well They re all very different people, at different points of their life, but share one small connection the neighborhood they live in Bernard has been in this neighborhood for what seems like forever He s watched as some people move on, some people die, couples become one half

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    In a Florida town a serial killer is murdering elderly women This book is told from three separate points of view Unfortunately, I was interested in only one of the three so most of the book was a waste of my time Bernard and some of the other elderly residents band together to try to protect each other and, in the process, expand their lives The Bernard story held my interest Amy is a cancer su

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    You can also read my reviews of WP a stormy day, a gruesome tragedy will unsettle a quiet town in Florida Bernard was the first to smell the smoke and called 911 But it was too late When the paramedics carried Adel out covered in a white sheet, life in the Seven Springs would never be the same Especially for Bernard, Amy, and Maddie.The Other Side of Everything is about the intersection of three

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    The starred Publishers Weekly review said it best For fans of crime fiction wanting literary flair and emotional depth If you like your crime fiction with a ton of layers and heart, this is the book for you.

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    A mystery, thriller, and thought provoker all rolled into one with a strong emphasis on empathy, emotion, compassion, and the will to live a full life Three generations of neighbors become intertwined upon several crimes being executed in their own tight knit community and now everyone is on high alert while seeking answers.Hindsight is 20 20 but lord if the walls could talk what a story they d tel

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    Despite the serial killer, this suspense novel is actually an emotional, even sweet story with A Man Called Ove vibes What has stayed with me is the way the elderly characters come together as a community during this tragedy It s definitely a page turner, but one with a ton of heart.

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    Old women are being murdered and no one has the faintest of the clue about who the murderer is So all the old people in the town, who call themselves The Originals , team up to keep themselves safe and to identify the killer In the meantime, Amy Unger gets disturbing visions about the murder and the murderer For someone, who hasn t finished a painting in three years, Amy finds there dreams extremely

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    Wow Less than 24 hours later and here I am, closing the last page of this book with a sense of immense satisfaction.This mystery novel exploresthan just whodunnit, but the often painful, complicated, yet beautiful experience of life itself with fantastically crafted characters Characters so well influenced, in fact, I caredfor them than the answer to the plot s mystery It s a beautifully done debut wi

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    I read an ARC of this book While I did read the entire book, I was hard pressed to find anything mysterious or thrilling about the story Despite the presence of three murders and the eventual uncovering by complete happenstance instead of someone actually seeking out the killer , this book wasabout three people spending the majority of the book stuck in an endlessly repeating circle of regrets and self

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