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The Pearl She Had The Perfect Life Until The Accident Now Science Offers An Opportunity To Replace What She Has Lost But At What Cost Diana And Steve Sheldon Had It All Successful Careers, Nice Home, A Lovely Teenage Daughter, An Adorable Five Year Old Son But When A Freak Accident Ravages Their Happy Family, Diana, A Professional Radio Counselor, Finds Herself Viewing The World Through New Eyes Of Grief And Accepting Ideas And Situations She Would Have Considered Unacceptable Only A Few Weeks Before.When A Research Foundation Offers To Restore Her Loss Through A Medical Marvel, Diana Is Convinced She Has Found The Answer To Her Family S Anguish Determined To Sacrifice Anything That Stands Between Her And Healing For Her Broken Heart, She Proceeds Along A Dangerous Course, Never Dreaming That Healing Might Prove Destructive Than HurtAs Timely As Today S Newspaper, The Pearl Is An Honest, Heart Rending Look At Life And Faith Through A Contemporary Mother S Eyes.

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    I applaud this author for consistantly writting higher concept books for christian readers There s so muchto life than romance

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I was pulled into the story of a woman who suddenly loses her son until she decides to pursue cloning him What crap It was published in 2003, and I can t remember cloning being a deeply controversial topic nine ye...

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    I am glad I didn t come across this book until now, and am also thankful I didn t read it before now having had lost a baby of my own 12 years ago I don t think I could have handled it before AEH did an amazing job of expressing how it feels to have lost a child, the overwhelming pain and despair and most impo

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    Life is Precious We should never take our days or our families for granted, as life can change in an instant Only God knows the number of our days.I had just finished reading The Truth teller, and loved the story of Hunter and was ready to hear about Scott Da...

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    I think maybe it s because of the subject matter, I didn t care a lot for the story This is a well written book and I typically love this author s work, so I m sure it s because I couldn t relate, that the book was just all right to me Cloning is too far out the...

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    unputdownable and thought provoking also has insights into grief

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    Tragedy strikes.five year old Scott dies in an accident, and his shocked family is left grief stricken Steve Sheldon knows that his son is now in heaven, and although Steve is heart broken and often breaks down, he holds to the belief that this was God s will His wife Diana, host of the Dr Diana Sheldon radio show

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    She had the perfect life until the accident.Diana and Steve Sheldon had it all successful careers, nice home, a lovely teenage daughter, an adorable five year old son But when a freak accident ravages their happy family Diana a professional radio counselor, finds herself viewing the world through new eyes of grief

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    This book deals with the death of the long awaited child, and the lengths that we will go to to not grieve To not go through the loss and feel the pain Period it also deals with the subject of human cloning from a strong Christian worldview I do think it gets a little preachy in parts, by that I mean it comes on a l

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    The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it Mt 13 45 46 The title of Angela Hunt s provocative book, The Pearl, refers to the above parable as well as the oyster s ability to turn invasive irritation into exquis

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