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The Penguin Dictionary of Art and Artists This Magnificant, Bestselling Reference Book Finally Leaves Its Old Look To Join The Modern Penguin Subject Dictionary Series Why Exactly Did Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear Was Warhol An Original Or Just A Copyist The Answers To All This And Are Found In The Penguin Dictionary Of Art And Artists, The Essential Guide To Over 700 Years Of Creative Endeavour Each Entry Features Extensive Cross Referencing And Listings Of Galleries Where The Artist S Work Can Be Seen.

10 thoughts on “The Penguin Dictionary of Art and Artists

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    Very basic dictionary marked by a distaste for surrealism and Dadaism and in fact pretty much every abstract art movement.

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    A perfectly fine reference book that Wikipedia made largely obsolete ten years ago, unless you re trying to memorize a lot of basic facts about artists in a hurry Also, it s twenty years old, so don t look for anything about the current art scene.

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    There are different kinds of dictionaries that you can use They can go greatly into detail about each artist, like the Oxford Dictionary of Art volumes or even encyclopedias on art This one is for the really basic information you ll see that Mondrian worked in the early 20th century and was a member of the De Stijl movement so you can take that information a

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    This is a book you read until you die You re always coming back to it.

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    A good little reference book I used it for art history papers in school The entries are short but concise It is an older book so it doesn t have anything past pop art.

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    Only my copy is the 5th edition A Z of artists Explanation of terms and movements over prev 700 years.

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