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The Postmistress It Is 1940, And Bombs Fall Nightly On London In The Thick Of The Chaos Is Young American Radio Reporter Frankie Bard She Huddles Close To Terrified Strangers In Underground Shelters, And Later Broadcasts Stories About Survivors In Rubble Strewn Streets But For Her Listeners, The War Is Far From Home Listening To Frankie Are Iris James, A Cape Cod Postmistress, And Emma Fitch, A Doctor S Wife Iris Hears The Winds Stirring And Knows That Soon The Letters She Delivers Will Bear Messages Of Hope Or Tragedy Emma Is Desperate For News Of London, Where Her Husband Is Working She Counts The Days Until His Return But One Night In London The Fates Of All Three Women Entwine When Frankie Finds A Letter A Letter She Vows To Deliver.

About the Author: Sarah Blake

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Postmistress book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Blake author readers around the world.

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    There are tons of great stories set during WWII This is not one of them It s not even much of a story, it just sort of meanders and then peters out The main characters aren t muchthan plot devices or symbols in fact, the only people worth caring about are the mostly nameless refugees fleeing the Nazis, and the Londoners living through the Blitz The sections of the b

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    This books leaves way too much to be desired Blake s book is purportedly a gripping glimpse into the lives of three women whose experiences during the second world war become interconnected Unfortunately the only thing gripping about this book was the overwhelming sense of confusion that envelopes the reader in his or her attempt to understand why this woman s book was ac

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    Snooze fest I had a difficult time finishing this book And, in the end, I never really got it I wantedof an emotional punch Three storylines wove together in the small Cape Cod town of Franklin in the months leading up to the U.S s involvement in WWII So, there were 3 opportunities for catharsis I had zero Blake managed to draw things out for one of the two love stories so that

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    The Postmistress is set in the years 1940 41, both on Cape Cod and in Europe The reader follows the paths of three women Emma, Iris, and Frankie as Europe experiences Hitler s fury and Americans wonder if they will enter the war Emma has just married Will, a doctor on Cape Cod She wants to make a good impression on the people there, and make a good home for her husband Iris is the Po

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    Aaawww dang it I ve been sitting here for three full minutes vacillating between two stars and one It was o.k or I like it o.k. like it no it was just o.k. but I did like it sort of The dilemma stems from the writing Wow This wasbeautifully written than The Help and that s tough for me to say because I adore The Help but the language Blake used, the description, the rhetoric and irony it s

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    Usually I can finish reading a book in several days, maybe a week orFor this book, it took me almost 2 months to finished maybe because the beginning of the story isn t that engrossing The mid part till the end is the better part of the book, where the real action begins I ve read several war related fiction novels or real memoir novels before, but this one is a little mild compared to them The

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    This book has the potential to be great, but it s not I had to force myself to finish it This book read like a rough draft With some major editing and workshopping it COULD have been good Unfortunately, it was almost unreadable for me.I was interested in all of the main characters, but because the author jumped from different points of view so often, I felt like none of the characters were actually ve

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    Okay I didn t hate this book I love WWII historical fiction about women, and the idea behind this novel is really pretty interesting and compelling But I am SO SICK of these characters in modern novels about WWII that are so compassionate and that act like they understand the war and the horrors that came with it so much better than everyone ...

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    I discovered this book after reading a friend s glowing review of it From her review, this sounded like a book that I would love, the kind that I gravitate toward, and for the most part, it fit the bill perfectly This is a story that examines many sides of an issue, namely war and injustice, and how we re all, whether we know it or not, affected by that issue We can ignore it, we can rail against it, or we can fa

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    Juxtaposes the stories of 3 women in 1940 41 an American radio correspondent reporting from Europe to try to get America to enter the war a young American wife whose husband has gone off to volunteer his medical services over in England the postal worker in the NE Cape Cod ish town of above young wife and husband.Blegh This is a bait and switch book Pretends to be a substantial, historical fiction really is an ephemera

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