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The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father With Full Access To His Father S Papers, Correspondence, Manuscripts, And Photos, Wight Has Created A Fitting And Affectionate Tribute To The Well Loved Vet And Author Of All Creatures Great And Small Of Photos

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    A glowing and appreciative homage to the late great Alfred Wight who penned the absolutely delightful All Creatures Great and Small series under the pseudonym of James Herriot by his son and fellow veterinarian James Wight, and while the author might not possess the same power of penmanship that his father had, The Real James Herriot A Memoir of my Father

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    Alfred Wight.James Herriot One a real person s name, the other that person s fictional alter ego.Son Jim Wight does a splendid job on this biography, and I am so happy to have read it I loved it all, from beginning to sometimes surprising middle to tearful end The book is a loving, respectful portrayal of a man who was muchcomplex than I ever suspected.He

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    It was with hesitation that I purchased and eventually picked up this book to actually read James Herriot is one of my favorite authors of all time I grew up reading him in middle school, and he s my fall back author for when I m feeling totally depressed and crapped out So his books are very meaningful to me, and I was hesitant to discover any back story T

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    James Herriot was always an author I really liked, so it s interesting to have some background information and a few backstories of people and animals who became characters in his books Jim Wight does not quite have the flair of his father, but occasionally he tells a story or quotes a letter and that certain something shows through In a way the biography se

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    This book was a very interesting insight into the beloved author and World s most famous vet It seems Herriot was every bit as likable in reality as he seems to be in his famous semi autobiographical books Herriot s son, Jim Wight tells us proudly of Herriot s successes and unflinchingly of his struggles, which given his very private nature were often complet

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    You think you know James Herriot by reading All Creatures Great and Small and all the other books he wrote, but, you haven t really known him until you see him through his son s eyes Jim Wight has written a marvelous memoir of his dad If one can have said of himself that he refused to let fame go to his head, that his family was the most important thing he had

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    I wish I had not read this book Not because it was not well written, though his son certainly lacks his father s flair, but because it was TMI I had LOVED James Herriot s books, I read them again again laughed myself sick over them The reality of the man s life was quite different If you like and or admire James Herriot s books I strongly urge you not to read t

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    Jim Wight has written a moving tribute to his father, James Alfred Wight, known as James Herriot to millions of fans around the world At times it felt too long and detailed, but then he would catch my interest again with a funny or interesting story that hadn t been shared in any of the James Herriot books In places it was quite reminiscent of the autobiographie

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    Jim Wight tells his father s story with humor, compassion, and candor Although I was mortified when I first learned that James Herriot was not the real name of the author who had since childhood enthralled me with beautifully written stories of the strong bonds between the human and animal worlds, I realize now that this was a selfish attitude I did not want Jame

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    I grew up reading and rereading James Herriot s books Learning about the man behind the story from his son was great Although Jim Wight is not the author his father was, he does a job that is just fine We learnabout Alf James Herriot s real name and his life We learn that the stories he wrote are based on real life, real character that Alf and the people around hi

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