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The Reluctant Sister (Reluctant Series Book 3) How Have I Allowed My Life To Come To This Less Than Four Years Ago, I Was Your Typical Skinny, Geeky Teenage Boy Until My Ex Best Friend Ed Talked Me Into Pretending To Be His Date So He Could Make His Ex Girlfriend Jealous I Enjoyed The Attention So Much, That I Became Ed S Real Girlfriend For A Few Weeks That Summer I Put All That Foolishness Behind Me Until My Senior Year In High School, When Due To An Accident, The School Became One Cheerleader Short My Sister Diane Was A Star Cheerleader At The School Back In Her Day Since I Used To Help Her Practice, The Cheerleader Coach Thought I Was The Best Choice For An Emergency One Night Substitute My Fake Boyfriend Is Starting To Feel Less Fake Being A Girl Just Seems To Come Naturally To Me What Am I A Boy Or A Girl I M Not Sure Any

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    An excellent continuationChrissy is a cheerleader with a hunky footballer boyfriend, its just she isn t really a girl. Finally her sister graduates and finally meets her new sister.

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    Living the character..the of this series I ve read the i ve grown into the whole Chris Chrissy and yes as a Transgender female that might be expected of me But it s than that while I never had the ability to as they say pass I recognise the teenage angst, the sense of confusion over his her feelings and this is all due to the way that Melanie Brown wrote the character, in previous revi

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    Be sure to hold on to your seat.This,is book 3 in the seriies.It follows Chrissy as a cheerleader and her relationship with Jeff.She goes to her sisters college graduation as a boy but is soon to her sisters dismay is a girl again.You neec to read book to see...

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    Reluctant sisterGreat read scenarios and the book talked a lot of sense and also showed some of the ugly side too Will be reading of Melanie Brown wish she had took the book a like further Maybe she will do a follow up.

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