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Return of Rapido Clint and Mr.J.G.Reeder They Called Him CHOPPER Because Of The Way He Destroyed His Victims Peace Officers Claimed He Was The Most Ruthless Hired Killer Since BeguinageThen He Made A Mistake He Gunned Down Two Of The Elite Company Z, And Suddenly Not Only The Boys Of Z Were After Him, But Also Rapido Clint The Hunt Spread To England, To The Trail Of Mr JG Reeder, And Clint And Reeder Found They Had An Identical Problem To Discover The Identity Of Chopper Then Destroy Him

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About the Author: J.T. Edson

John Thomas Edson is an English writer of Westerns.He was born in 1928.He was obsessed with Westerns from an early age and often rewrote cowboy movies that he had seen at the cinema One thing that always intrigued him was the minutiaehow did the baddie s gun jam What were the mechanics of cheating at cards How did Westerners really dress and speak His writing was helped to develop by a