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The Ring of Truth Over intellectualised and quite deep analysis of Wagner s Ring Cycle The leitmotifs are extensively covered but beyond third chapter is too much for most people. Quite astonishingly erudite on many levels I can t say I understood it all, and I remember thinking a number of times as I read it that I d need to read it all again to do it justice I also wondered if some of the narrative musicological transitions were far fetched than justified But Scruton PDF Epub The Ring Of Truth Author Roger Scruton Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Richard Wagner S Ring Of The Nibelung Is One Of The Greatest Works Of Art Created In Modern Times, And Has Fascinated Both Critics And Devotees For Over A Century And A Half No Recent Study Has Examined The Meaning Of Wagner S Masterpiece With The Attention To Detail And Intellectual Power That Roger Scruton Brings To It In This Inspiring Account The Ring Of Truth Is An Exploration Of The Drama, Music, Symbolism And Philosophy Of The Ring From A Writer Whose Knowledge And Understanding Of The Western Musical Tradition Are The Equal Of His Capacities As A Philosopher.Scruton Shows How, Through Musical Connections And Brilliant Dramatic Strokes, Wagner Is Able To Express Truths About The Human Condition Which Few Other Creative Artists Have Been Able To Convey So Convincingly For Wagner, Writes Scruton, The Task Of Art Is To Show Us Freedom In Its Immediate, Contingent, Human Form, Reminding Us Of What It Means To Us Even If We Live In A World From Which Gods And Heroes Have Disappeared We Can, By Imagining Them, Dramatize The Deep Truths Of Our Condition And Renew Our Faith In What We Are Love, Death, Sacrifice And The Liberation That We Win Through Sacrifice These Are The Great Themes Of The Ring , As They Are Of This Book Scruton S Passionate And Moving Interpretation Allows Us To Understand Fully Than Ever How Wagner Conveys His Ideas About Who We Are, And Why The Ring Continues To Be Such A Hypnotically Absorbing Work. Probably deserves than 4 stars My fault, but some of it was beyond my comprehension and some of it appeared to ramble and repeat than seemed necessary However I read it as I was approaching my fourth live performance I only read part of this book page to page the plot summaries sections I only skimmed the other parts This is not a book for the casual reader this is a fairly scholarly analysis of Wagner s Ring Cycle operas The author is a philosopher and there were some for me, unreadable sections on philosophy, and Like another reviewer, there was much of this that I didn t understand but would like to Despite listening to, and performing,classical music for years, I don t have the musicological training to make the most of the chapter on music And having tried to get my head round the history of Western Philosophy in the past, I still get my Hegel and Schopenhauer, etc confused.Having seen Opera North s wonderful production last year, I was delighted to have an opportunity to broaden my understanding I just wish I could hold all the leitmotifs in my head and recognise them when they appear But is is good to have the music for them all Now all I need is an annotated score,with them all marked.I would have liked something about how the death of the gods relates to the death of the Christian God, as procla A deep inquiry into the depths of the Wagnerian epic The Ring of the Nibelung involving philosophy, history, and music Funny thing is that even though I learned a lot about the Ring a favorite work of art of mine since a couple of years now it seems even enigmatic to me the boo Scruton is unnervingly eager to dismiss Wagner s problematic anti Semitism He even uses the some of his best friends were Jews defense Aside from, it s certainly a worthwhile analysis of Wagner, although the style can be rather bombastic. Who else to appreciate a genius than another one An uncommon work of analysis and criticism And it is not only that we are seeing a saga revealed after the description of its origins and detractors It is not even the many comments on the importance of the music dimension for one interested in apprehending the manifest displayed of geniality The whole b Definately no easy reading, and not always agreeable But combines two areas of interest of mine music and philosophy, and in very intriguing ways Also, for a person who grew up in the seventies and faced a bit of cultural radicalism at school, the introduction to classics li

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