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The Sealed Letter Based On The Details Of A Scandalous Divorce Case That Gripped England In 1864, The Sealed Letter Is A Provocative Historical Drama That Is Strangely Relevant To Modern Issues Surrounding Women, Marriage, Rights And Roles.Miss Emily Fido Faithfull Is A Woman Of Business And A Spinster Pioneer Of The British Women S Movement, Independent Of Mind But Naively Trusting Of Heart Distracted From Her Beloved Cause By The Sudden Return Of Her Once Dear Friend, The Unhappily Wed Helen Codrington, Fido Is Swept Up In The Intimate Details Of Helen S Failing Marriage To The Stodgy Admiral Harry Codrington What Begins As A Loyal Effort To Help A Friend Explodes Into A Courtroom Drama Sensational Than Any Hollywood Tabloid Could Invent With Stained Clothing, Accusations Of Adultery, Counterclaims Of Rape And A Mysterious Letter That Could Destroy Than One Life.HarperCollins Is Proud To Deliver Emma Donoghue S Internationally Celebrated Work Into The Hands Of Discerning Fiction Readers In This, Her First Canadian Publication The Sealed Letter Is The Perfect Book To Mark This Milestone Event A Masterpiece That Brings The Force Of A Life That Changed Our World Into Captivating View.

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    Soporific, Tedious, LacklusterThis is one of those books that sounds really gooduntil you read it and then you wonder what on earth are all of these rave reviews for Did we read the same book I don t think so, because the book I read was dull as dull could be The characters were not brought to life, the interactions were melodramatic and the stor

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    I d heard good things about Emma Donoghue but as her historical fiction is usually set in the Victorian period a period I don t have much interest in I doubted very much that I would ever read a book by her But then, on a whim, at a sale, I picked up this one And boy, am I glad I did as I think I ve discovered a new favourite author.On the surface

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    This book is based on the real life divorce case of Harry and Helen Codrington which scandalised Victorian England I found the social commentary of Victorian life very interesting, where divorce was almost unheard of, wives and children were the property of husbands, and the women s movement was in its infancy When long lost friends Emily Faithfull

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    Started off very engrossing and remained a fascinating glimpse into the birth of feminism Is it a professional defect that the trial scenes bogged down for me Overall an extremely well researched and atmospheric glimpse into the gender and sexual complexities of the Victorian upper middle class Part of Donoghue s skill however, makes this book less

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    Firstly, let me start by saying that I think Emma Donoghue is a great writer She can certainly spin a yarn and I kept reading right to the end, as I wanted to know what happened However, there were a few minor issues that kept me from rating this higher In a nutshell, the book documents a true event a high profile divorce in the Victorian era, and th

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    This is a fictionalised account of the Codrington divorce of 1864, a scandalous divorce that gripped England at the time as it was reported in all of the newspapers It follows the story of Miss Emily Fido Faithfull, a spinster and women s rights activist, who was a close friend to Helen Codrington, the woman accused of adulter...

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    I have a couple of friends who worship at the altar of Emma Donoghue, and I think I bought this in a sale back when someone was being particularly vocal about Donoghue As a piece of imaginative reconstruction, as historical fiction, it s well enough done I think there are a couple of anachronisms, potentially on purpose for convenience, but for the mos

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    I feel like the best part of this book is the fact that Emily Fido Faithfull is a big dumb gay puppy It s both incredibly endearing and almost unbearable to read, for example Fido winces at the image She bends over Helen Lean on me, my own one I ll stand by you Through everything Everything I can stay For as long as you need Forever, Fido s thinking, th

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    Just couldn t get into it

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    Great book I thoroughly enjoyed this one I feel like I ve been let in on a bunch of gossip that s turned out to be mostly true Emma Donoghue has written a story around a historic Victorian era divorce case This is no ordinary lightweight frivolity, this is full bodied passion Ms Donoghue has done a great deal of research into the case, which smacks of rea

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