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The Secrets of Eden When Eden Discovers He Possesses Forbidden Magic, Keeping His Affair With The Crown Prince A Secret Becomes The Least Of His Worries Eden Has Always Obeyed The Laws Of Rolaria He Spends His Days Teaching Children How To Read In Order To Distract Him From His Mother S Bizarre Disappearance She Worked In The Castle Before Suddenly Vanishing, And When Eden Mistakenly Receives An Invitation To The Royal Ball, He Goes To Feel Closer To Her That Same Night, Prince Jared Must Find A Bride But After An Unexpected Encounter Between Eden And The Prince, A Relationship Begins After A Night With The Prince, Eden Explores The Castle On His Own Lost In The Corridors, He Stumbles Upon A Hidden Room And Finds His Mother S Journal, Whose Pages Reveal A Lineage Of Outlawed Magic He Soon Realizes The Castle Walls Not Only Hide His Romance With Jared But Secrets About His Mother S Disappearance In Order To Unravel The Mystery And Understand His Awakening Abilities, Eden Must Risk Exposing His Relationship And Thwarting Jared S Chances To Rule Rolaria The Closer Eden Gets To The Truth, The Closer He Finds Himself Facing The Same Fate As His Mother.

About the Author: Brandon Goode

Brandon Goode grew up in the small beach town of Melbourne, Florida He attended Eastern Florida State College and Florida International University He has written for publications such as Florida Today, Florida International University Student Media, and the Disney Internships and Programs Blog Brandon loves motivating and inspiring others, enjoys traveling, and eats an insanely amount of sushi.

10 thoughts on “The Secrets of Eden

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    To be honest, I almost didn t finish this book If I could rate the plot and message alone, it would be five stars The writing, especially towards the end, feels like there was no editing whatsoever The characters were pretty one dimensional, until maybe the penultimate chapter when the villain is revealed Even after the ending, I could bar

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    The author headlines it as a Cinderella retelling but, I found it like a mix of a lot of classic fairy tales and the style is similar in the manner of Brother s Grimm tales I m a visual artist and I found myself mentally illustrating all the beautiful settings scenes Goode described.One of my favorite aspects of the tale was how it intersects Eden

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    I m giving THE SECRETS OF EDEN 4.5 stars out of 5.As a reader This is a SOLID 5 star story It is such a uniquely voiced retelling of Cinderella It has brilliant LGBTQIA rep, a wonderful love story, action, magic and fun dialogue It s warmhearted, with just a touch of malevolence Due to a recent move and some oral surgery it took me some extended time to fin

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    I was privileged to read an advance copy of The Secrets of Eden , and I was so moved by the story I could not put the book down because I wanted to see what came next It is a beautiful love story with twists Brandon Goode is a great writer that draws the reader into his story The imagery he creates of this story is emotionally moving I ...

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    I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book and when I got it I knew nothing about it I didn t even know what it was about I was going in completely blind and it turned out to be a great read The author has created a world where love, magic, and of course a little evil exist His writing is detailed and it comes to life as you read I loved all the little twists it

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    2, 5 stars.Its a good consept I really like that its centered around homosexsuality But after reading the book i still dont feel like i know the characters. Not even Eden, the main character I wish the story was detailed and that i would somehow grow to love the characters . the author writes beautifully. and describes the surroundings so much so, that i can almost smell the scene.

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    This story is an absolute must read.I don t want to say too much and give away any important parts of this incredible story but know that it is an original storyline but not so out of the ordinary that it throws you off It is filled with lovable characters, and characters you want to strangle, it has happiness, anger., love, and heartbreak It has mystery and ma...

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    A very good book for a quick read It s fast pace nature leaves you wanting to know and When I did have time to read, I didn t want to put it down I loved the relationship between Eden and Prince Jared, even though they Developed over a very short period of t...

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    pitched as a Cinderella retelling with a black gay MC, forbidden magic no glass slippers , I m sold.

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    I absolutely LOVED this book The author really draws you in from the beginning of the story and you really dive into the fantasy world he has created I couldn t put the book down, because I just wanted to keep exploring and learning about the characters and different lands Then it REALLY became even of a page turner toward the end of the book when it took a huge unexpected turn I ve read this book over and over again,

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