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The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1) 4.5 Stars I loved this book After reading this book, I feel proud to be a woman Super uplifting read for women Girl Power I think every woman should read this book It might be helpful It s even got tips advice It s definitely entertaining I received a copy of t No doubt, The Seduction Expert has made my reading year The story is uncommon, funny and it take me less than a weekend to read it The Seduction Expert is a brilliant novel with two powerfull love stories I stayed up two nights in a row reading until I couldn t keep my eyes open any, and laugh so hard I was crying and clutching my stomach I can t recommend this book, enough If I could give itthan 5 stars I My Arc arrived for my birthday, what a gift ITS A VERY UNEXPECTED READING, with a powerful first character The Baroness aka The Seduction Expect I really enjoyed it and i read it twice Thanks so much to VSP Publishing and Saya Lopez Ortega to provide it to me My most anticipated romance book of 2018 did not disappoint Loved this book and i am glad to know it s the first in series Thanks to Netgalley and VSP Publishing to provide me a copy, and thanks to Saya Lopez Ortega, my new favorite author An interesting take on a concept bringing to light a strong woman striving for the empowerment of not only women, but also how they see themselves I enjoyed the first person voice of the storymaking the storyimpactful This ARC book was provided by as a complimentary copy provided by t A few chapters are moving, some others are really funny The Seduction Expert is MY PERFECT SUMMER READ EPUB The Seduction Expert The Seduction Expert 1 Author Saya Lopez Ortega Truongnguyenwedding.com After Two Best Sellers In France And Brazil, The Seduction Expert Has Now Arrived In New York With Her Vuitton Luggage She Was The Most Famous Seduction Expert In France She Is Now The Most Famous Seduction Expert In The World.Imagine Years Spent In Her Company, During Which She Challenges The Biggest Heartbreakers Years Of Analyzing, Tracking And Well Deserved Revenge All Motivated By A Single Promise To Change The Lives Of All Those Women Calling Upon Her Services A Few Women Would Swear That The Seduction Expert Changed Their Lives She Is An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove, A Woman Of Honour, Dressed In A Designer Suit She Is The Wonder Woman Of Modern Times Who Owns Gucci Shoes And Burberry Coats She Is The Kind Of Woman Of Action Who Brings Emotional Turmoil Get Her Card, It S Much Better Than Spending Holidays In St Barth I loved it The author just kept me in suspense from the beginning to the end I love the story, i love the seduction expert I recommend it. The seduction expert is written with much light heartedness and freshness A rare gem, I loved it.

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