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The Sheikh's Pregnancy Proposal Good book Sarah is a twenty eight year old history teacher who hasn t had good luck with men She s had two engagements not work out Now she has taken a good look at her life and doesn t like what she sees, so she is determined to make a change She gives herself a makeover and heads off to the Zahir consulate for a reception There she meets a good looking man named Gabe, who really gets her motor going When she has car trouble later that evening, he offers to drive her home.Gabe is the heir to the Zahir throne, and as such is expected to marry He had been married young to his childhood sweetheart, but the marriage hadn t been a happy one His wife had been even younger than him and hadn t been mature enough to handle the life they had to lead She was clingy and selfish and gave him no peace She died tragically when she ran off in a fit of temper Since then, Gabe has sworn that he would never allow his emotions that much control over him again He is currently being pressured to marry again, and as he really doesn t care who, he accepts suggestions from his father The night before his engagement is due to be announced he spots Sarah from across the room and is intrigue 3.5 Simple and beautiful history It s been awhile since I ve read a Fiona Brand story, but in the past her books were sexy and well written They are still well written, but now are lacking in the sizzle department There are a lot of fade to black sex scenes in this book Now I don t need Fifty Shades of Grey, but a little chemistry between the main couple in a romance book would seem appropriate This novel was much too sweet for me, especially since it s in the This is a new author for me The author did a great job developing the two main characters The storyline was also well developed Great job to Fiona Brand. A brilliant read and a story well told. Not only was the chemistry between the protagonists amazing, but the fact that both of them gave up other romantic ventures to be together was a nice twist The thing that I liked best was that the protagonists had such an interesting family back story I love how quickly Gabe stepped up to care for Sarah after their short lived affair, despite the fact that he was about to enter into an arranged marriage While Sarah was open to raising her child alone, she gave up livin Although the sheikh of contemporary romance may be a 21st century ruler, his country is still steeped mired in the traditions of the past Apparently, one of them is that he mustn t marry a foreign American woman That s because all Westerners are decadent heathens and infidels, right Okay, I may be projecting I haven t seen that written anywhere in any of the modern Harlequin romances I ve read But I have to wonder at the urgency of men who have a one night stand with a woman, jet off into the sunset and only return and demand marriage when they find out their American lovely is pregnant It basically states, There is no way a man born into royalty would marry a woman like that unless she were expecting his child What other message can be inferred Cinderella s dream come true, this isn t.So we get another entry into this shotgun wedding trope This one has some unexpected additions It turns out Sheikh Kadin Gabriel ben Kadir s intended fianc e wasn t the pure virgin she was supposed to be She s been seen keeping c Sara s tired of being boring, so she makes up her mind to seduce the man of her dreams once she meets him And she does in fact meet Gabe, who truly is the man of her dreams, but she doesn t know that he s a sheikh who is about to enter into a marriage of convenience and is looking for one last night of freedom So, even though she knows he s leaving, she s hurt that he doesn t get in touch She s even hurt when, after learning that she s pregnant, she realizes he made it impossible for her to find him But he discovers her pregnancy and seeks her out, admitting that things have changed and now she has to marry himright after he terminates his current betrothal Then, they ll enter into a marriage of convenience, since Gabe doesn t do love, no matter how much he wants Sara.This was a pretty decent read I enjoyed the characters, I liked that there wasn t any hymen ridiculousness and that while there was angst, there wasn t any melodrama Sara was a very level headed although pregnancy does make her a bit emotional at times and independent woman without reaching the limits of being too stubborn for her own good I do think she was a little quick to forgive Gabe for abandoning her the first time IMHO there was so not enough anger and not enough focus on the f Reading The Sheikh S Pregnancy Proposal Author Fiona Brand Contra Saustall.eu This Sheikh Must Marry The Mother Of His Child Twenty Four Hours Before He S To Formally Announce His Engagement To The Bride His Father Has Chosen, Sheikh Kadin Gabriel Ben Kadir Gives In To A Rare Moment Of Temptation But When One Night With Sarah Duval Leads To Pregnancy, He Vows He Ll Be Part Of Mother And Child S Life His Plan Replace One Political Marriage For Another He Ll Wed The Captivating History Teacher Who Arouses Such Powerful Desire And Keep His Heart Out Of The Bargain But Sarah Wants A Soul Mate How Can She Promise Forever To A Man Who Has Sworn Never To Be Ruled By Love The Sheikh s Pregnancy Proposal by Fiona Brand Sheikh Kadin Gabriel Ben Kadir was to announce who he was going to marry The women were arranged by his father All the women had money and would help his Kingdom The night before the announcement he met Sarah Duval They had a one night stand and she became pregnant When Gabe finds out he calls off the wedding and pursuits Sarah Gabe doesn t tell her he loves her Sarah thinks he wants to marry him for the baby Hard for Gabe to love because o

About the Author: Fiona Brand

Fiona Brand has always wanted to write After working eight years for the New Zealand Forest Service as a clerk, she decided she could spend at least that much time trying to get a novel published Luckily it took five years, not eight, before Fiona wrote her first award winning novel.She has won the Australian Romantic Book of the Year award category section twice, one of her novels was listed

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