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The Splendid and the Vile The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Devil In The White City And Dead Wake Delivers A Fresh And Compelling Portrait Of Winston Churchill And London During The BlitzOn Winston Churchill S First Day As Prime Minister, Adolf Hitler Invaded Holland And Belgium Poland And Czechoslovakia Had Already Fallen, And The Dunkirk Evacuation Was Just Two Weeks Away For The Next Twelve Months, Hitler Would Wage A Relentless Bombing Campaign, Killing , Britons It Was Up To Churchill To Hold His Country Together And Persuade President Franklin Roosevelt That Britain Was A Worthy Ally And Willing To Fight To The End In The Splendid And The Vile, Erik Larson Shows, In Cinematic Detail, How Churchill Taught The British People The Art Of Being Fearless It Is A Story Of Political Brinkmanship, But It S Also An Intimate Domestic Drama, Set Against The Backdrop Of Churchill S Prime Ministerial Country Home, Chequers His Wartime Retreat, Ditchley, Where He And His Entourage Go When The Moon Is Brightest And The Bombing Threat Is Highest And Of Course Downing Street In London Drawing On Diaries, Original Archival Documents, And Once Secret Intelligence Reports Some Released Only Recently Larson Provides A New Lens On London S Darkest Year Through The Day To Day Experience Of Churchill And His Family His Wife, Clementine Their Youngest Daughter, Mary, Who Chafes Against Her Parents Wartime Protectiveness Their Son, Randolph, And His Beautiful, Unhappy Wife, Pamela Pamela S Illicit Lover, A Dashing American Emissary And The Advisers In Churchill S Secret Circle, To Whom He Turns In The Hardest Moments The Splendid And The Vile Takes Readers Out Of Today S Political Dysfunction And Back To A Time Of True Leadership, When, In The Face Of Unrelenting Horror, Churchill S Eloquence, Courage, And Perseverance Bound A Country, And A Family, Together

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    Erik Larson is my favorite author of nonfiction He writes books that just grab me as well as always teaching me something new Looking back on Churchill, it s easy to assume he was always loved and admired But that s not the case He had many detractors on both sides of the pond Larson does a wonderful job of giving us a flesh and blood Churchill kimonos and all His strength lay in being able to give the English

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    Be sure to set aside plenty of time to work your way through this deep exploration of one year in the life of Churchill and those close to him It will require some patience, but if you re not inclined to read the multi volume biographies about him, this book is an effective distillation of the man as he navigated his first year as prime minister May 10, 1940 through May 10, 1941 was a pivotal year, with the fate of Engl

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    I have always admired the British for standing up to Hitler s forces in WWII, after almost all of Europe had fallen under Nazi control How did they endure the almost nightly bombing raids This book focuses on Churchill s first year 1940 1941 as British Prime Minister, the Battle of Britain, and what life was like for Churchill, his family, and his inner circle As Larson states in his introductory notes to readers Mine is a i

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    5 outstanding starsAs always is the case, books by Erik Larson transcend the usual historical novel This author always goes above and beyond in his books and provides the readers with a story that not only flows smoothly, but also is able to provide facts that are fascinating, erudite, and ultimately educate the reader, in a way that is fascinating and captivating There are multiple books about Winston Churchill, but this one merged togeth

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    Erik Larson is an exceptional writer His meticulous research, coupled with a conversational writing style, make his nonfiction books as enjoyable to read as a novel He tells the reader about Churchill, but importantly, we get to know people around him his wife, his 18 year old daughter, his spendthrift son, and most importantly, his entourage, all of whom worked tirelessly during the war years The descriptions elicit a very visceral reaction I felt

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    Erik Larson has done it again The Splendid and The Vile is the one nonfiction book you need to move to the top of your TO BE READ list now If you are a lover of history but not the put you to sleep book of facts and figures, this book is definitely for you.Mr Larson selects the first year of Winston Churchill s service as Prime Minister of Britain, 5 May 1940 5 May 1941 to focus our attention on not only the life of Winston Churchill, but also his family and

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    Really excited about this one by Erik Larson which comes out in 2020.

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    4.5 Stars This ended too soon Review to follow.

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    Who was Winston Churchill He was irascible, mischievous, mercurial, politician extraordinaire, an iconic statesman, brilliant orator, prone to eccentric sartorial choices during his personal time, husband, father, and father in law Most importantly, he was a strong and decisive leader The Blitz occurred during his first year as Prime Minister and he united the British people as they faced the most serious threat to freedom Larson s book provides a singular and superior perspective of the

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    Already wrote a review here on Goodreads Why does this sometimes happen Here it is again and now in two places Amazing Magnificent In general, I love Mr Larson s books this one was outstanding I won this btw, through Goodreads Giveaway program Thank you again, Goodreads The story of the blitz, as seen from over the shoulder of Mr Winston Churchill, PM of Great Britain at this time 1940 1941 Also, from his daughter, Mary, his secretary John Colville, and a myriad of others who kept journals, diaries

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