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The Thing About December He Heard Daddy One Time Saying He Was A Grand Quiet Boy To Mother When He Thought Johnsey Couldn T Hear Them Talking Mother Must Have Been Giving Out About Him Being A Gom And Daddy Was Defending Him He Heard The Fondness In Daddy S Voice But You D Have Fondness For An Auld Eejit Of A Crossbred Pup That Should Have Been Drowned At Birth While The Celtic Tiger Rages, And Greed Becomes The Norm, Johnsey Cunliffe Desperately Tries To Hold On To The Familiar, Even As He Loses Those Who All His Life Have Protected Him From A Harsh World Village Bullies And Scheming Land Grabbers Stand In His Way, No Matter Where He Turns Set Over The Course Of One Year Of Johnsey S Life, The Thing About December Breathes With His Grief, Bewilderment, Humour And Agonizing Self Doubt This Is A Heart Twisting Tale Of A Lonely Man Struggling To Make Sense Of A World Moving Faster Than He Is.Donal Ryan S Award Winning Debut, The Spinning Heart, Garnered Unprecedented Acclaim, And The Thing About December Confirms His Status As One Of The Best Writers Of His Generation.

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    As someone who grew up in rural Ireland, Donal Ryan s writing resonates hugely with me but its not just because I can identify with the day to day life and the colloquialisms of the rural communities he sets his stories in that makes me love his writing Rather its because of his ability, through his writing, to reveal humanity for all that it is, good and ba

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    Donal Ryan has become an author I plan to watch He has a unique and powerful voice In this, his second book, he tells the story of one year in the life of Johnsey Cunliffe The novel is broken into sections by month, loosely organized by those tasks Johnsey recalls his father performing on the family farm when he was small But now his fath...

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    The book was just great I did nt know anything about the story or what to expect before i started reading it but it was a real treat.The story of Johnsey is really a tragic tale of loneliness,greed and bullying manipulation but most of all about his terrible loneliness.But there is an amazing humour in the telling of this tale.At times it was just absolutely hilarious and i had

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    Wow I could not put this book down I was racing to get to the end of the story, in spite of knowing it wasn t going to end happily ever after It follows a year in the life of 24 year old man boy, Johnsy, in Tipperary during the times of the Celtic Tiger Johnsy is somewhat limited and has been overprotected by his parents Away from his family s protection, Johnsy is regularly tormented by

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    3.5 A rather short little book that contains much Johnny has lost both his parents in a short period of time.He is ill equipped to handle life on his own, and he spends much time pondering this defect He tries so hard to hang on to the past, remembering times with his dad He is bullied relentlessly, and though he receives some kindness, he is mostly now alone People try to toke advantage of his sl

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    Thank you, Netgalley, for the opportunity to review another one of Donal Ryan s books How big is a feeling Not even as big as one of them atoms that the science teacher used to be on about It s nothing and everything at the same time At first I thought our narrator, Johnsey, was a young child, his speech and thoughts seemed so childish and simple Then I thought he was mentally challenged Then I realized he

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    Sometimes difficult to read because of all the Irish phrasing But worth persevering.It seemed to me this is the new Irish type of stream of conciousness With interpunction this time.It s about the life of a young man About his doubts, feelings and thoughts based on his protected Catho...

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    This is a beautifully written book but full of sadness and grief, bullying and sometimes violence I found it difficult to read at times but yet I just had to stay there with Johnsey He s an innocent and naive man who has lost both parents and is trying to manage on his own but has never had to The outside world seems to move in and prey on him.Johnsey will steal your heart and then his story will break it as you follow his nar

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    Set in the same village as in Ryan s highly acclaimed previous novel The Spinning Heart, The Thing in December uses atraditional third person linear narrative to tell the story of Johnsey Cunliffe, in 12 chapters that cover one year of his life Johnsey is not quite as other people and finds it hard to find his place in the world, espec...

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    Having enjoyed The Spinning Heart so much last year, I came to this, Ryan s second release, which was actually written before his first, with caution, in case I found that it wasn t up to the same standard While it didn t quite reach the levels of its predecessor, it was still a very strong and thought provoking novel.Set oncein a small, unnamed village in Tipperary, this time before the fall of the Celtic Tiger, it follows the fortunes of Johnse

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