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The Traitors Wife A Riveting Historical Novel About Peggy Shippen Arnold, The Cunning Wife Of Benedict Arnold And Mastermind Behind America S Most Infamous Act Of Treason Everyone Knows Benedict Arnold The Revolutionary War General Who Betrayed America And Fled To The British As History S Most Notorious Turncoat Many Know Arnold S Co Conspirator, Major John Andre, Who Was Apprehended With Arnold S Documents In His Boots And Hanged At The Orders Of General George Washington But Few Know Of The Integral Third Character In The Plot A Charming Young Woman Who Not Only Contributed To The Betrayal But Orchestrated It.Socialite Peggy Shippen Is Half Benedict Arnold S Age When She Seduces The War Hero During His Stint As Military Commander Of Philadelphia Blinded By His Young Bride S Beauty And Wit, Arnold Does Not Realize That She Harbors A Secret Loyalty To The British Nor Does He Know That She Hides A Past Romance With The Handsome British Spy John Andre Peggy Watches As Her Husband, Crippled From Battle Wounds And In Debt From Years Of Service To The Colonies, Grows Ever Disillusioned With His Hero, Washington, And The American Cause Together With Her Former Love And Her Disaffected Husband, Peggy Hatches The Plot To Deliver West Point To The British And, In Exchange, Win Fame And Fortune For Herself And Arnold.Told From The Perspective Of Peggy S Maid, Whose Faith In The New Nation Inspires Her To Intervene In Her Mistress S Affairs Even When It Could Cost Her Everything, The Traitor S Wife Brings These Infamous Figures To Life, Illuminating The Sordid Details And The Love Triangle That Nearly Destroyed The American Fight For Freedom.

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    Find this and other reviews at wasthan a little excited when I first stumbled across Allison Pataki s The Traitor s Wife Though familiar with the story of Benedict Arnold s betrayal, I d never read a fictional account of it and couldn t believe my luck when Howard Books approved my request for an ARC four months before its Feb 2014 release date.Lo...

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    I was particularly interested in reading this book as I live in the Hudson Valley region of NY, where part of the story takes place And I ve read some brilliant historical fiction unfortunately, this book did not measure up.I found the cast of characters to be two dimensional and quite dull Peggy, on the other hand, was so colorful she strayed into the stereotypical Cl

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    If you can t break the rules, you might as well seduce the man who makes themSynopsis Never underestimate the power of a spoiled brat who doesn t get what she wants Biblio Babble Peggy, Please Throw Away Your Shot and the Wine Bottle Nothing like a glass of wine at breakfast to keep Peggy Shippen Arnold powered throu...

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    I was really disappointed in this book I usually love historical fiction that is based off of real life events I like getting a new perspective on the characters situation But this book was one of those that I just couldn t wait to finish so that I could be done with it I was expecting something a little lessvulgar Though I didn t expect Peggy to be portra...

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    I have to admit that I really didn t know much about Benedict Arnold except that he betrayed America in the Revolution and whether this was entirely historically accurate it still peaked my interest in finding outabout Arnold and his wife Loved Clara and was so glad the story was told from her point if view no one sees and hearsthan an invisible person I also really liked

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    I remember reading about Benedict Arnold in high school and all I can remember even now was that he was a traitor to this country I had forgotten the circumstances surrounding the details of his betrayal to this country during the American Revolution as we were fighting the British to declare our freedom from King G...

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    The Traitor s Wife by Allison Pataki, published by Howard Books.Category Historical Fiction Romance Publication Date February 11, 2014 The Traitor s Wife is very low on historical accuracy but very high on romance The story is based on Peggy Shippen who married Benedict Arnold and was able to convince him that his country had betrayed him and that he therefore should have n

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    Appears in the February 2014 edition of the Historical Novel Review Beautiful Tempestuous Cunning Peggy Shippen is all these things As the reigning belle of Philadelphia society during the British occupation of 1778, she is admired by men and envied by women First the lover of the notorious British spy John Andre, and then the wife of celebrated American general turned trait

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    Everyone knows the story of Benedict Arnold and I was thrilled to get to read this book and get adetailed look at the events that turned this man into a traitor Pataki did not disappoint with a great story that kept me reading well into the night.The story is told through the eyes of Clara, the maid to Arnold s wife Peggy Clara is strong, intelligent, and has the unenviable j

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    I was really looking forward to reading The Traitor s Wife I absolutely love historical fiction This one seems to miss the mark It s not that it isn t an entertaining read I suppose it all depends on your expectations as you enter into the story If you enjoy romance novels, then this one fits the bill for you The depiction of Peggy Shippen as solely a spoiled, self indulged, d

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