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The Truth About Stacey (The Baby-Sitters Club, #3) The Truth About Stacey Is That She Has Diabetes Nobody Knows Except Her Friends In The Baby Sitters ClubBut Even They Don T Know The Real Truth About Stacey Stacey S Problem Is Her Parents They Won T Admit She Has The Disease, And They Drag Her To Practically Every Doctor In America Seeing So Many Doctors Made Stacey Lose One Friend, And She Won T Let It Happen Again Especially Now When The Baby Sitters Club Needs Her Than Ever

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    stacey s all growed up but she s still incredibly fashionable

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    My all time favourite series as a young girl I looked forward to Book Club day Ashton Scholastic with anticipation and my 5.95 in an envelope When I missed one my mum and I would go to Grace Brothers Parramatta where I could buy a copy I was in year 5 at public school, the books came out monthly and I discovered them when no 2 came out,

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    the truth about stacey is that she has childhood onset diabetes big fucking deal i mean, i m sure it sucks for her, having to watch her diet everything my dad had diabetes it was no picnic for him though he did not have to give himself insulin shots but the way they build up to it, you d think she was typhoid mary or something the way these books

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    BSC was instrumental in bringing to the forefront those hard hitting issues weighing on every upper middle class goody two shoe New England girl Here, we learn about the horrible secret Stacey the pretty popular girl has been hiding I won t spill the beans, but she can t eat sugarI know, I almost fainted, too But with the BSC, you know we ll all make it thr

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    Great book in a series of great books Muchfemale empowered than the last one which I had to rant about so that s awesome.

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    The truth about Stacey is she has diabetes and a severe case, too, just to make things worse I like this book because I liked learning about diabetes and how hard it is for Stacey This book was really good five stars

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    And what, might you ask, is the truth about Stacey Well, I wouldn t want to give it awaybut

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    Stacey is threatened by a rival baby sitting club and a new diabetes doctor.There are two main conflicts in this book One is the new baby sitting club Eighth graders Liz Lewis and Michelle Patterson have started their own business, the Baby sitters Agency, with several key advantages over the BSC They boast older sitters with later curfews, including boys OMG , and they don t restrict the clients

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    3 StarsI think my favorite part of this story was the BSC dealing with the Baby Sitters Agency I appreciated how Stacey s parents kept searching for something better to deal with her diabetes, but now reading it as an adult I can t help thinking how much money that probably cost

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    The binge continues

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