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The Valiant Twenty Years Before The Start Of Star Trek The Next Generation, A Young Lieutenant Called Jean Luc Picard Takes Command Of His First Ship, The USS Stargazer The USS Stargazer, A Long Range Exploration Ship Commanded By Captain Ruhalter, Is Assigned To Pick Up Descendents Of The Survivors Of The USS Valiant, A Ship That Was Lost At The Far Edge Of The Galaxy In The Very First Star Trek Original Series Episode The Evacuees Claim That A Deadly Invasion Force From Outside The Galaxy Is Nearing The United Federation Of Planets When They Are Ambushed By The Invaders, Captain Ruhalter Is Killed, Leaving A Young Lieutenant, Jean Luc Picard, In Charge Of The Ship In The Midst Of A Deadly Confrontation Picard Must Swiftly Learn To Be An Effective Captain While Dealing Both With A Crew That Has Not Yet Come To Trust His Judgement And With Hostile Aliens Powerful Than Anything The Federation Has Encountered Before. Fantastic tale of how picard becomes the youngest capt in history. Friedman is not among my favorite Star Trek authors, and books like this are why. Again I enjoyed reading a Star Trek novel because it was well paced and easy to read.After trying and failing to get through a couple of SF classics, these books are coming as a relief.There are a few negatives, and it may seem like I m pointing out the obvious here, but there s a ton of fan service Maybe because I m a TNG fan, I didn t n I ve tended to blow hot cold on Michael Jan Friedan s writing in the pastbut this is easily the best of all his Star Trek novels that I ve read to date The tale of Jean Luc Picard s rise to command the Stargazer is an exercise in c

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