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The Veritas Deception This story has an abundance of characters running the spectrum from weak and easily manipulated to strong willed and some who are power hungry that make this a riveting suspense.Damon Crosse is a powerful and evil man who is using mass corruption of the pharma industry, movie and television programming, births, abortions, prostitutions, fa A good novel begins with a good title THE VERITAS DECEPTION by Lynne Constantine is no exception Both the title and the story are terrific So intricate And so deceptive THE VERITAS DECEPTION Yes, isn t the truth often deceptive.I tend to read thrillers that take place in the here and now This one flashes back to biblical times, and then works its way forward to all of the technology, science, medicine, and bio ethics of modern times If not, imaginatively, future times as well I found it to be a masterful blend of historical thriller and religious thriller The pace, the mystery, the twists, the turns all keep you flipping the pages Everything else about this work, and there is plenty else, makes you want to stop and think at the same time as you re anxious to keep going.Good and evil The Christ and the Anti Christ Who s stronger Who won before Who will win today And tomorrow Once and f Download The Veritas Deception By Lynne Constantine Bandcamptomp3.co.uk There Is A Way That Seems Right To A Man, But In The End It Leads To Death.Proverbs 14 12Days After US Senator Malcolm Phillips Changes His Vote On A Bill He Sponsored, He Is Murdered And His Death Disguised As An Accident He Contacted One Man Before He Died Investigative Journalist, Jack Logan He Left Jack A Single Clue To Help Him Uncover The Truth And Keep Phillips S Widow, Taylor, Safe But Safe From Whom Jack And Taylor S Desperate Hunt Leads Them To A Vast Network Of Corrupt Authority, Controlling Everything From Social Media And Television Programming To Law Enforcement And US Legislation The Key To Unraveling A Complex Web Of Lies Is A Set Of Ancient Relics, Dating Back To The Time Of Christ But What Do These Relics Have To Do With A Senator S Death Allies Turn To Foes When Jack And Taylor Discover That Those Closest To Them Are Part Of The Conspiracy And That They Too Have Been Manipulated How Long Has A Puppet Master Been Pulling Their Strings And Will Jack And Taylor Trust The Right People Long Enough To Win What Becomes A Colossal Battle For Souls image538450300884076My Review of The Veritas Deception by Lynne ConstantineKudos to Lynne Constantine, Author of The Veritas Deception in weaving the intense, captivating , suspenseful, and intriguing plot and the characters in this Psychological Thriller and Mystery BE WARNED I suggest that you don t attempt to read this before you go to sleep There are hauntingly vivid descriptions of horrific activity and planning There are twists, turns, adventures, and the chase for life or death.The author describes her characters as complex and complicated There are betrayals, conspiracy, secrets, and deaths There is corruption, fights for power, deception, control over every government and scientific agency and social media There is a fight over good and evil, and questions of morality and the believes in God Who are these people, and what are their goals for humanity Who can you trust Who is whom they say they are How can this be stopped How and who can stop this There is a question of certain coins from Greece that have caused the death of certain peop I like the title It drew me to the book Although the author writes well, she was way too ambitious This book is all over the place It is two books, three books, maybe even four books rolled into one The stories don t jell and it was a story that refuse This book was incredible Though fiction, it read like it was stripped from today s headlines It began with a murder assassination and a plot that seemed impossible to believe, as Taylor, the main character, is rushed to safety by someone she had a past with As the story unraveled between her and her caretaker, Jack, the evil that abounded from the past into present day was astounding and definitely chasing them as they ran from it Reading this, I went through many emotions sadness, excitement, hope and an intense ache for Heaven I loved how the author slowly revealed each character, and their connection to each other I also loved the suspense and omnipresence of multiple characters during 1975 and present day I cried for Maya and again with Taylor when things about her family were revealed It made me think about how evil has slowly infiltrated things in our present day American society and how we ve become numb to so much But Scripture is weaved i This book hooked me from the beginning and kept me sitting on the edge of my seat and unable to stop reading The book does end with a surprising twist but unsatisfying resolution The characters worked so hard and sacrificed too much for their story to end this way so, I truly This is a great novel giving one possible way the end times might be brought about A man has made a pact with the devil and is diligently creating the scene to welcome in the Antichrist He has resources everywhere and it seems like no one can stop him.There are many interesting issues included in this plot One is genetic engineering Another is the deliberate control of the culture People are being manipulated into accepting immorality via television programs If you ever wondered if there might be a plan behind the moral direction the country is taking, this novel will fuel your fire.I had a little trouble getting the initial plot construction settled in my mind There are three time periods that we read about The first is the present day, Jack and Taylor running for their lives Another time period is six years before when Jack hurt Taylor deeply The last time period is 1975, as we follow a young woman being inseminated without her knowledge All of these stories do come together in the end, making the actions of the different eras understandable.And speaking of the end of the novel, there was a twist at the end that shocked me There had better be a sequel I re Set neatly at the crux between political thriller and religious fantasy, The Veritas Deception opens when a US senator arrives at the door of Jack Logan, journalist, claiming that he s about to be assassinated Jack, a character who has clearly lived in interesting times, is skeptical, but sends out feelers to keep track of that particular politician just in case When the man turns up dead less than a week later, Jack realises that he may be the only one who can unravel the events leading to the senator s death, and almost certainly the only person able to keep the senator s widow, Jack s childhood girlfriend, from falling prey to the same fate However, even Jack doesn t realise how far down the rabbit hole this mystery may require him to go The book is well written, with a complex, twisty plot Events from the Nazi era combined with Christian mythology have far reaching effects in modern day US politics, resulting in a web of crooked politicians, corporations on the take, and assassinations, with each new page unveiling new connections Jack Logan, the protagonist, is a strong anti hero type, with the kind of background that can best be described as chequered I, personally, found that the insistence that divorce and the pro choice movements were instigated by Nazis escapees to bring down humanity was enough to turn me off towards the end of the book, but nonetheless Lynne Constantine s story telling ability and tec Jack Logan was contacted by US Senator Malcolm Phillips who incidentally dies soon after in what seems like an accident Now Jack has a single clue to follow up on and find out what exactly is going on At the same time it is very clear that Malcolm s widow needs his protection from what seems like nameless and faceless entities Their hunt leads them to a set of relics but they have no idea why or how it is connected to the murder of the Senator All they know is that the relics are somehow involved and that they are being chased by a huge network of corrupt people who will do anything to get things their way Not sure who they can trust Jack and Taylor have to think quickly and act faster in order to outrun these people Will they succeed Both Jack and Taylor are very much likeable characters I enjoyed watching them develop through the pages The author has done an excellent job with bringing them to life I have to admit though, the pace seemed to lag a bit here and there, but never enough to actually make me want to put it down The plot is that of age old good vs evil and though it may feel clich d, the parallel story lines keep you immerse

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Lynne Constantine is a coffee drinking, Twitter addicted fiction author always working on her next book She is the international bestselling co author of THE LAST MRS PARRISH written under the pen name Liv Constantine Her next book, THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU, comes out on May 7th Visit Lynne at

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