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The Warlow Experiment The Year Is 1792 And Herbert Powyss Is Set On Making His Name As A Scientist He Is Determined To Study The Effects Of Prolonged Solitude On Another Human Being, Though Before Now Powyss S Sole Subjects Have Been The Plants In His Greenhouse He Fills Three Rooms Beneath Moreham House With Books, Paintings And Even A Pianoforte, Then Puts Out An Advertisement, Hoping For A Gentleman Recluse.The Only Man Desperate Enough To Apply Is John Warlow, A Semi Literate Farm Labourer Who Needs To Support His Wife Hannah And Their Six Children Cut Off From Nature And The Turning Of The Seasons, Warlow Soon Begins Losing His Grip On Sanity Above Ground, Powyss Finds Yet Another Distraction From His Greenhouse In The Form Of Hannah, With Whom He Rapidly Becomes Obsessed Does She Return His Feelings, Or Is She Just Afraid Of His Power Over Her Family S Lives Meanwhile, The Servants Are Brewing Up A Rebellion Inspired By Recent News From Across The Channel Powyss May Have Set Events In Motion, But He Is Powerless To Prevent Their Explosive And Devastating Conclusion.

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    This is an intriguing read, off the beaten path for sure Going from a reasonable human experiment to yep, that was to be expected But the journey, wow It s 1793 Powyss, a wealthy man, wants to conduct an experiment to find out how resilient the human mind is when isolated from the world John Warlow is the only one who volunteers, mainly because the offer of 50 a year for the rest of his life is so tempting He agr

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    Nathan s novel is based on a true story in 1793, a Mr Powyss offered 50 a year for life to any man who would undertake to live in solitary confinement underground for seven years, without cutting his nails, hair, or beard, keeping a journal of his thoughts The advertisement was answered by one man, a labourer with a wife an...

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    The Warlow Experiment was a gripping read that really caught my attention The premise comes from a real historical advertisement the author came across, and this is how she imagines the events would have played out As well as being historical fiction, it is also an intensely psychological piece, looking at both the mental and physical effects of the experiment on ...

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    What a gorgeous hardback this is It s not too shabby on this inside either Fascinating premise and some beautiful writing I particularly enjoyed the sections and prose in which we spend time with Warlow ...

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    Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true That old adage certainly applies to Alix Nathan s terrific tale of the rampant abuses inherent in the days before ethics committees existed Rich, intellectual, science loving Herbert Powyss can have anything he wants, and does, but it s not enough He devises an experiment wherein a man will live sequestered for 7 years in the cellar apartment Powyss has meticulously furnished with books, music, every comf

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    I was initially drawn to this novel because of the premise a labourer is paid to live alone, under ground but with a furnished apartment and entertainments such as books and an organ, for seven years as part of an experiment The author was also drawn to this, as it turns out that this is based on a true account from 1797 Set in a time of unrest and revolution the French Revolution and Tom Paine s The Rights of Man are often mentioned the novel examines the hold

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    Human interaction is a redundancy of projected absurdity articulated energy ciphered lowest I d stay in that basement dungeon for a thousand years.I am not the only person in the world, I am the only person with the world inside of me poemChris Roberts, God Breathtakingly

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    This was a DNF for me, which is a shame because I m seeing some great reviews of it It suffered from being read a on my Kindle and b as a terribly formatted Netgalley file But whether I d have enjoyed it otherwise is questionable I found it quite flat and dull, insipidly peopled, with very l...

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    What an excellent book The story was totally gripping right from the start A beautifully written and poignant story with a great sense of the historical period The characters were well drawn A very tho...

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    The Warlow Experiment is intriguing, odd and in some ways, a little irritating.Intriguing what writer or historian hasn t dreamt of that moment where you find something no one else has worked on That bemusing advert like what led to this book the deciphering of journals that lead to Gentleman Jack the discovery of old diaries in a dumpster that leads to a memoir of an unknown individual.Odd the use of language seemed a strange conceit Perhaps I ve just missed the point.Irritating the characters, based

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