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Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers, #1) PDF Epub Thief Of Lies Library Jumpers, 1 Brenda Drake Vinoschilenos.eu Gia Kearns Would Rather Fight With Boys Than Kiss Them That Is, Until Arik, A Leather Clad Hottie In The Boston Athenaeum, Suddenly Disappears While Examining The Book Of World Libraries He Abandoned, Gia Unwittingly Speaks The Key That Sucks Her And Her Friends Into A Photograph And Transports Them Into A Paris Library, Where Arik And His Sentinels Magical Knights Charged With Protecting Humans From The Creatures Traveling Across The Gateway Books Rescue Them From A Demonic Hound.Jumping Into Some Of The World S Most Beautiful Libraries Would Be A Dream Come True For Gia, If She Weren T Busy Resisting Her Heart Or Dodging An Exiled Wizard Seeking Revenge On Both The Mystik And Human Worlds Add A French Flirt Obsessed With Arik And A Fling With A Young Wizard, And Gia Must Choose Between Her Heart And Her Head, Between Arik S World And Her Own, Before Both Are Destroyed.

10 thoughts on “Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers, #1)

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    Hello all, I m the author, so naturally I m biased But this is the book of my heart It s filled with libraries, magic, and romance and set in some of my most favorite cities Libraries have always been a magical place for me and...

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    4.5 Well, starting of this is such a unique idea for a story I really love the abundance of different magical beings. that was so good.I love the idea of these people being able to jump through books libraries to different realms I LOVED the idea of magical orbs, each different powers for different people and how when you through them you can control an element or power

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    Updated Review After Re Read Thief of Lies was addicting and completely entertaining And I m so glad that I re read this book You see, the first time I picked this up, I struggled connecting to the characters The story was so much fun, but I never felt as though I was fully immersed until Bastien appeared on the pages, and well I ll talkabout him later But this time around, it a

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    Thief of Lies by Brenda Drake is the first book in the Library Jumpers young adult fantasy series The title of the series is completely accurate in describing what to expect when picking this one up, Gia Kearns is with her friends in a library when she spies a cute boy and while watching him he suddenly disappears When Gia and her friends go looking they find a book the boy left behind of

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    It s just a pile of tropes that read like some bad Shadowhunters fanfic except it s sexist, cliche, vaguely racist, and generally obnoxious To start with, the tone was way, way off Gia either read as super young or like a middle aged woman who had read the plots of too many bad romance novels Either way, she didn t sound like a realistic human teen Ehhh ok nevermind I could type out a long list of w

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    Wish you could visit all the libraries in the world Wouldn t it be incredible to go from library to library, all in the drop of eye So what better way to travel than by book But wait would a broody guy to accompany you who also looks good in leather I might add, sweeten the deal How about a magical prophecy, impending doom, evil creatures at every turn but you can kick ass with your new found magical abilitie

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    DNF 27% because it s boring AFThis book, I must say got one of the coolest premise ever I mean, Jumping into some of the world s most beautiful libraries is definitely every bookish people s dream, so reading about this kind of story line is a big yes turns out, this thing is too good to be true, pun intended.The story started when Gia and her friends visited a library for a homework or something I can t really bothere

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    Personally, I prefer Bastien to Arik though

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    DNF I am really and I mean really tired of posting full reviews for DNF s So I ve decided to type a mini review While I was reading this I felt that it was very childish And I know that says something because I ve read quite a...

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    Buddyread with Melissa DNF at 51% Rating is just for what I ve read so far I think halfway is enough for me to do that 2 stars for execution and writing, 2.5 for the idea of the library jumping and creatures magic.The idea of this world intrigued me and yes the library jumping part is what first hooked me but the way everything was handled left me underwhel...

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