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This Life A Profound, Original, And Accessible Book That Offers A New Secular Vision Of How We Can Lead Our Lives Ranging From Fundamental Existential Questions To The Most Pressing Social Issues Of Our Time, This Life Shows Why Our Commitment To Freedom And Democracy Should Lead Us Beyond Both Religion And Capitalism.In This Groundbreaking Book, The Philosopher Martin H Gglund Challenges Our Received Notions Of Faith And Freedom The Faith We Need To Cultivate, He Argues, Is Not A Religious Faith In Eternity But A Secular Faith Devoted To Our Finite Life Together He Shows That All Spiritual Questions Of Freedom Are Inseparable From Economic And Material Conditions What Ultimately Matters Is How We Treat One Another In This Life, And What We Do With Our Time Together.H Gglund Develops New Existential And Political Principles While Transforming Our Understanding Of Spiritual Life His Critique Of Religion Takes Us To The Heart Of What It Means To Mourn Our Loved Ones, Be Committed, And Care About A Sustainable World His Critique Of Capitalism Demonstrates That We Fail To Sustain Our Democratic Values Because Our Lives Depend On Wage Labor In Clear And Pathbreaking Terms, H Gglund Explains Why Capitalism Is Inimical To Our Freedom, And Why We Should Instead Pursue A Novel Form Of Democratic Socialism.In Developing His Vision Of An Emancipated Secular Life, H Gglund Engages With Great Philosophers From Aristotle To Hegel And Marx, Literary Writers From Dante To Proust And Knausgaard, Political Economists From Mill To Keynes And Hayek, And Religious Thinkers From Augustine To Kierkegaard AndMartin Luther King, JrThis Life Gives Us New Access To Our Past For The Sake Of A Different Future.

About the Author: Martin Hägglund

Martin H gglund is a Charlotte W Newcombe Fellow in Comparative Literature at Cornell University He is the author of Chronophobia Essays on Time and Finitude, which was published in Swedish in 2002 In Spring 2009, CR The New Centennial Review published a special issue devoted to his work.

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    Being is time and time is finite. The being that we care most about is human being or any being that can take a stand on its own understanding, the most important being in the universe H gglund wrote a marvelous book which unpacks that italicized sentence for the reader I m going to explain why I thought this was such a marvelous and necessary book for today s reader, but, I need to mention first that I listened to

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    Incredible, programmatic, interdisciplinary analysis of our diminished lives under capitalism and religion, and the emancipatory possibilities under democratic socialism.Possibly the best book I ve ever read integrating our spiritual lives with our political commitments into a coherent humanist call to action I will be interviewing the author this week for my podcast Stay tuned at www.lifeaftergod.org.

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    This is an engaging, intellectually rich, focused book, making the argument that human, lived time is central to human identity and the social world The positive arguments about the finitude of human life and inevitability and importance of loss, suffering and boredom about the practical making of projects and practical identities through not only individual commitments and efforts but social norms and institutions and about the necessit

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    This is, perhaps, the most intelligently formed and poetically written argument for secular thought since Bertrand Russell In this dual critique of religious and economic fundamentalism, H gglund engages with the most complicated issues and previous works with great authority and erudition The dual critique of religion and economic dogmas is one that most will be familiar with since Marx H gglund works through the tangled webs spun by the likes

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    1.5 stars Have lots of thoughts and hope to write up a deeper review later For now, if you know nothing about religion and appreciate straw man arguments, and know nothing about capitalism, and think both nature and capitalism are constructs to be overthrown in the name of true Marxism, this book will be very appealing Finally We ll get true Marxism.There are, of course, insights in here that are interesting Any critique of dominant systems of thought

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    I want to apologize in advance to everyone who actually knows me all I m gonna wanna talk about for the next several months years is This Life by Martin Hagglund This is the kind of big effing mindblower that I luck into every once in a while A game changer for my personal and political identity A book that I hope that I m gonna try to make sure has as wide a readership as possible Cuz, hoo wee This one makes Capital in the 21st Century look like the Boxcar

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    More repetitive than even The High Cost of Free Parking And although Parking repeats the same probably correct logic over and over, this book keeps circling back to and you can only feel loss, love or commitment because the person s life is finite and it s like Wait, what That statement that doesn t make sense is not explained in the first 200 pages, but is repeated over and over Abraham and Isaac are mentioned what must have been 500 times, with very little variat

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    This is a book about atheism, but it would be wrong to group it with books by Dawkins, Harris, or Hitchens Where popular books on atheism largely focus on ridiculing the irrationality and lack of empirical evidence supporting religious belief, or casting it in the causal role of various atrocities, H gglund has a constructive project in mind As he writes late in the book, echoing Marx If we merely criticized religious beliefs as illusions without being committed to overc

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    Did Kierkegaard s Fear and Trembling blow your mind and shift your thinking about faith Does Hegel both inspire and confound you Do you have a tentative grasp of democratic socialism Can you just not put your finger on it If you appreciate the work of Sam Harris, but prefer something a little penetrating and scholarly, read this book This is an essential and masterful critique of religion and capitalism that sets forth and argument of how we can lead better and enriched

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    A real disappointment I have been a fan of Hagglund s since his early articles and Radical Atheism was a very important book in my young life so I was incredibly excited for this book to arrive If this book was framed simply as a positive vision of a life affirming, secular metaphysics it could have been a real achievement That s what makes this so frustrating the seeds of a great book are all here, but they ve been smothered by several hundred unnecessary pages of Hegel and Hayek As a

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