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Thomas the Rhymer A Minstrel Lives By His Words, His Tunes, And Sometimes By His Lies But When The Bold And Gifted Young Thomas The Rhymer Awakens The Desire Of The Powerful Queen Of Elfland, He Finds That Words Are Not Enough To Keep Him From His Fate As The Queen Sweeps Him Far From The People He Has Known And Loved Into Her Realm Of Magic, Opulence And Captivity He Learns At Last What It Is To Be Truly Human When He Returns To His Home With The Queen S Parting Gift, His Great Task Will Be To Seek Out The Girl He Loved And Wronged, And Offer Her At Last The Tongue That Cannot Lie Award Winning Author Ellen Kushner S Inspired Retelling Of An Ancient Legend Weaves Myth And Magic Into A Vivid Contemporary Novel About The Mysteries Of The Human Heart Brimming With Ballads, Riddles, And Magical Transformations, Here Is The Timeless Tale Of A Charismatic Bard Whose Talents Earn Him A Two Edged Otherworldly Gift.

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    Thomas the Rhymer is a worthy and beautiful novelization of the ballad, elegantly told from the perspective of four people G

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    This is my all time favorite book about Faerie I ve been reading about and studying Faerie since I was a small child And I am an AVID

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    A really intetesting, extremely unusual novel Its sort of an example of what fantasy might have been like if Tolkien had never existed, with a d

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    The eye of man hath not heard, the ear of man hath not seen, man s hand is not able to taste, his tongue to conceive, nor his heart to report what my drea

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    I love novels like this that flesh out a traditional tale while remaining true and faithful to the source material Like Robin McKinley s Beauty , Donna Jo Napoli s

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    What a quietly beautiful book At a first glance, it s a small story but it has such depth, such insight, it s so full of raw emotions and witty humour, it touches your heart

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    It took me a while to get into this version of Thomas the Rhymer The story is told in four voices the voice of an old man who takes Thomas in almost as his own son, Gavin the voice of

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    A sensually told tale of Thomas the Rhymer pre, during and after his abduction by the Queen of Elfland, with whom he resides for seven years, returning with her gift of a tongue that can tell no

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    Ellen Kushner takes a traditional Scottish ballad and weaves it into something magical and beguiling in this lovely, haunting tale The ballad sings of a minstrel lad abducted to Elfland for seven year s t

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    Another take on the legend of Thomas Learmounth Beautiful language, absence of violence these are the book s pluses However, that is about it The story itself lacks something very important the point I do not mean

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