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Trouble & the Wallflower An adorable story from one of my auto buy authors I completely fell in love with Davy who needed big hugs, Gavin on the other hand was a little difficult to like, but he eventually pulled his big boy pants on and grew up with the love, calming influence and help of Davy and his Grandad Ray, who was wise and wonderful Gavin s friends were really cool and I look forward to finding out about them in future books especially the 4.25 Opposites Attract Stars Well, that s the oldest story in the book You want what you can t have Again, is it worth it Does it hurt your heart or does it hurt your balls This book was so heart melting and sweet but with a realism to it It was about two people who were total opposites but when were put together, were so beautiful and amazing I just loved it Stop You are You re fucking amazing and I love you You re not some fucking plaything You re so special to me That s right, Davy I don t know what you did to me Gavin laughed and took Davy s face in his hands I love you, Davy Cooper I love you too, Davy said with a shaky voice Davy is in his early twenties and is still learning to come out of his shell He doesn t socialize well with others, he prefers being in the background observing everyone live their lives This is because of his agoraphobic mother who kept him indoors for the majority of this life until the day she passed away Davy just wants to be normal like everyone else, but he can t tell when someone is teasing or being serious with him I loved Davy and his naivet He was genuine, sweet, caring, and kind He was such an endearing and re Trouble the Flower by Kade Boehme is the story of two men who fall in love despite their different personalities Gavin, is the outgoing one, whom pursued Davy from the beginning Davy, is the sweet shy one, whom despite his fears decides to follow his heart This story was sweet yet painful There were aspects of the story that broke my heart and got me so angry There was a moment in which I wanted to throw my iPad across the room This is a wonderfully written story of loss, friendship, and finding the strength within yourself The author managed to show character growth as the story progressed which is something I look for It also has a great cast of secondary characters whi 4.5 I Heart the Wallflower Stars This was a really sweet story.an opposites attract of sorts Trouble and the Wallflower Gavin and Davy.Davy has always been painfully shy and socially lacking His mother was agoraphobic and as a result kept Davy sheltered most of his life When he turned 16 he got a job at a soda shop Gavin and his friends frequent the soda shop and Gavin develops a crush on Davy.Every day Gavin tries to hook up with Davy only to be Davy doesn t understand what Gavin could possible see in him Gavin is a bit of a man whore really But there s just something about Davy that intrigues him Eventually Davy agrees to be with friends with Gavin and so their story begins.Gavin s grandpa Ray was a freaking riot Gavin struggles with his feelings for Davy Frankly, he s not used to even having feelings Well, that s the oldest story in the book You want what you can t have Again, is it worth it Does it hurt your heart or does it hurt your balls Davy is just as attracted to Gavin as Gavin is to Davy And just when Davy gets up the courage to make a move on Gavin.But damn Gavin that was a DICK move A seriously DICK move.Poor Davy I wanted to cry for him Thankfull Gavin pulls his head out of his ass and makes things right with Davy and all is wonderful in Trouble and the Wallflower land There is definitely something here, Davy I don t know why, but you make me want to be different Hell, you make me want to be a good guy.I don t know who co 5 brilliant stars This is my first Kade Boehme book and I m completely conquered by his writing The plot, the characters everything about this book is amazing This is the story of two young men, Gavin and Davy Gavin has Davy as his goal Gavin wants him, but Davy knows that he will be another one night stand, and so, even having a crush on him, he doesn t want to surrender to the other s advances Being raised by a over protective and agoraphobic mother, David doesn t have many friends, he is lonely and has almost none social skills But he craves for trouble, he craves for Gavin A friendship starts, but soon becomes love and Davy becomes Gavin s most powerful support in one of the hardest time of his life Friendship, love and some sadness in the middle, is the recipe to a wonderful and unf Sweet, funny, great book. 4.5 Stars With its three dimensional characters, realistic depiction of a sweet but sometimes rocky opposites attract relationship, and a bittersweet ending, this book by new to me author Kade Boehme far exceeded every expectation I had I ll jump if you jump This is my first Kade Boehme book and I LOVE IT Awwww a book about hope and love, with a helluva pleasant surprise The story tell us about how, social inept, innocence and shy shop boy Davy knocks fuckups, smartass and swoon Gavin s socks There was a lot to like here the juxtaposition of shy Davy with outgoing Gavin Gavin s amazing grandpa Gavin s circle of friends and, of course, the relationship between Davy and Gavin Davy pushes Gavin away for many months, thinking Gavin is trouble than he s worth Gavin is persistent, coming into the soda shop where Davy works day after day, and really wants to get his hands on Davy But after Davy sees Gavin at a club being very hands on with another guy, he nearly gives up on Gavin completely Needless to say, the guys develop a friendship but want each other too much to just stay friends Their first sexual encounter iswell, let s just say I wanted to throttle Gavin Davy is a forgiving guy, though, and Gavin is lucky Things run much smoothly after that, and there s a lot of hotness and steam and dirty frotting dear baby jesus, I will never tire of frotting frotting makes me want to have a penisbut I digress.There s some family conflict, but the MCs handle it together Even though the love came quickly, it was believable I felt like Davy and Gavin fit and were right for each other Gavin pulls Davy out of his shell, and Davy becomes Gavin s rock I was going to throw a major temper tantrum if the sexual compatibility issue wasn t resolved view spoiler Thank you, Kade, for writing tha Raised In Near Seclusion By An Agoraphobic Mother, Davy Cooper S Social Skills Are Almost Nonexistent Now That His Mother Has Died, He Needs To Make Friends For The First Time In His Life He Catches Gavin Walker S Eye, But The Sexy, Confident, Bad Boy Hipster Intimidates Shy Davy So Much That He Throws Away Gavin S Number Every Time He Offers It.When Gavin Defends Davy From A Rude Guy, Davy Begins To Warm To Him However, With His Limited Experience, He Thinks He And Gavin Are Too Different, And Anything Than A Casual Acquaintance Will End In Complete Disaster.

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Kade Boehme is a southern boy without the charm, but all the sass Currently residing in New York City, he lives off of ramen noodles and too much booze He is the epitomy of dorkdom, only watching TV when Rachel Maddow or one of his sports teams is on Most of his free time is spent dancing, arguing politics or with his nose in a book He is also a hardcore Britney Spears fangirl and has an addic

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