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Truth Hurts Poppy Has A Secret Drew Has Nothing To Hide Theirs Was A Whirlwind RomanceAnd When Drew, Caught Up In The Moment, Suggests That He And Poppy Don T Tell Each Other Anything About Their Past Lives, That They Live Only For The Here And Now, For The Future They Are Building Together, Poppy Jumps At The Chance For A Fresh StartBut It Doesn T Take Long For Poppy To See That This Is A Two Way Deal Drew Is Hiding Something From Her And Poppy Suddenly Has No Idea Who The Man She Has Married Really Is, Or What He Might Be Capable Of Poppy Has A Secret Drew Has Nothing To Hide Drew Is Lying Which Is Dangerous, A Secret Or A Lie You know The Truth Hurts is going to be a trainwreck, right from the start, as twenty eight year old Poppy is having her mansion demolished so that the property can be turned into a park for children Then we go back five months earlier, when Poppy is being fired from her nanny job of six years Poppy takes her former employer s car to a bar to figure out what she s going to do, where she meets wealthy, forty three year old Drew Poppy needs a place to sleep for the night, Drew is willing to provide one, and that s the beginning of their relationship, based on sex and never speaking of their pasts before they met each other The last part, never speaking of their pasts, is Drew s idea, the way he wants their relationship to be and Poppy is willing to go along with that pact because she has something really bad in her past At the same time, Poppy knows that Drew has something bad in his background, too, because why else would he not want to ever talk about it For me, this was a pure junk food read, something I was ready for at this time and I enjoyed the heck out of it, except for all the sex Yes, the relationship was based on sex but I could have used a black screen for those scenes, where words scrolled across the screen, saying And then they did it, again Don t forget to read the author s note at the end, with her funny, passive aggressive mention of her husband Thank you to Harper Perennial HarperCollins and Edelweiss for this ARC. This may be one of the most fitting titles ever Yes the truth definitely does hurt Especially if you are Gina don t worry you will get that once you have read the book A girl, a guy hook up in a bar They never leave each other s sidethen rush to get marriedI mean what could go wrong Well for starters these two could be called crazy meets crazier Poor little Poppy is fired from her position as a nanny from the Henderson s when she dares to speak up when they showed up hours late from their night out Instead of apologizing for keeping Poppy up late, they kicked her out into the street Not just out into the street, but into the street in Ibiza, where they were at for vacation How heartless is that She didn t know a single person Just for speaking up Well that is what she tells Drew.Oh Drewhandsome, rich, controlling, secretive, Drew What is this guy hiding and what is his agenda I mean at times he was just so darn romantic He bought her a house and named it after the day of the week they met He named it Thursday House, I mean who even knows what day of the week they met You go Drew, but then again, I sure hope his new wife is good with Thursday House because she had no say in it.I don t know for some reason I kept finding myself humming Bad Romance by Lady Gaga the whole time I was writing this review It was a twisted story of two little lovebirds full of secrets Such an addictive, easy read The ending did seem a bit rushed to me, with a big old twist that made me go oh now I get it You will see that the beginning and the ending will tie in Overall I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to by this author.Thank you so much to Harper Collins for this ARC via Netgalley. 3.5 starsWhen Poppy is fired from her job as a Nanny, at 2 AM, she does what any self respecting young woman would do..heads to the nearest Pub, thinking she might pick someone up so she can have a bed to sleep in While there, she meets the mysterious Drew What should ve been a one night stand, turns into a whirlwind romance Drew has moneylots of itand one rule they won t talk about the past Poppy agreesas she has secrets of her own But, WHO is hiding the worse SIN This is a TWISTED romance, so than a compelling thriller.With a lot of focus on their love lust, the middle dragged a bit for me As an avid reader of the thriller suspense genre, I guessed much of the book, though NOT the exact ending So, those who only read the genre occasionally may find it surprising and satisfying than I did Entertaining enough, but light on the suspense Thank you to Edelweiss, Harper Perennial and Rebecca Reid for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review This will be released on July 28, 2020. Poppy is sacked from her nannying job for standing up to her boss.Its 2am and she is told to leave straightaway Not only does she lose her job but is homeless too.Poppy meets Drew at a bar, he is handsome and rich and offers her a place to stay They soon become a couple and a month later he proposes to her He suggests they have a pact where they do not talk about their pasts but concentrate on their futures Surely only someone with skeletons in their closet would suggest such a thing Poppy readily agrees as she has her own secrets that she is keen to hide Can you build a future with someone you know nothing about Highly addictive read, I was desperate to find out what guilty secrets Drew and Poppy were hiding We go back to Poppys past and learn about her, but Drew remains a mystery I loved how the suspense builds throughout this book Yes you may have read similar stories but this was excellent with its larger than life characters, and the beautiful house that he bought her as a wedding present and to top it all its jaw dropping conclusion A must read book that I read in one sitting 10 out of 10 from me I m looking for her other book Perfect Liars now Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review. Perfect Lies , Rebecca Reid s first book was brill, this is as brill if not briller Poppy is a Nanny to a formidable family who basically treat her terrible, one night she has had enough and leavesbasically homeless and penniless she meets DrewDrew is yummy, perfect, rich and a gentlemanThey fall instantly in love and decide to marryEverything is perfectWell, these things do happen, don t they We find out they dont Drew has a past, we dont know what it is or what happened in it but it is alluded to all the way throughNow re read the last sentence but add Poppy instead of Drew With the help of Gina, Poppy s bezzie and some abhorrent rich friends who come to stay at their new house abhorrently wonderful it has to be said it looks like we might get some answersAnd then..And that s it as far as plot goes as what happens next is sooooo bad but sooooo good for the reader Cleverly narrated with some chapters going back to Poppy s former life the want to know who these 2 really are and what they are hiding had me excited and eager to find out the truth behind these 2 Wonderfully descriptive, I wanted to move into Poppy and Drew s new home and experience their lives and all the trappings that came with it, this book is a clever and captivating psychological thriller that teases the whole way through10 105 Stars This was a quick easy read about a seemingly too good to be true romance Who wouldn t want to be whisked off their feet by a great looking guy who s also rich There s a catch They can t ask about each other s pasts and Poppy is struggling to adhere to the proposal agreement She senses that her new husband is lying, which he is However, Poppy is not without her own secrets, the little minx After racing through this, I m left with the thought that it appears subtly sinister but I didn t realize the extent until the finale Yay for surprises 5 An Unputdownable, Original Thriller Romance, that s full of Intrigue, Mystery, Secrets and Suspense Truth Hurts is an Engrossing and Intriguing read that has a lil bit of everything, from thriller, romance, mystery and suspense.The story starts off as a whirlwind Romance when Poppy meets Drew one drunken night after being fired from her Nanny job.After a wonderful night together the chemistry sizzles between them and Poppy moves into Drew s holiday home with him.After just one month the two are married.But there is just one condition to the marriage they never discuss their past, only looking towards their future.Weird right Only knowing someone 1month, married, but know nothing really about them, his rich and has just bought a house for them without telling Poppy, but is mysterious and secretive alarm bells should be ringing right But why would you not want your past to be revealed is Drew hiding something Or is it Poppy with the secrets Just what are they keeping hidden from each other Oh and Their home Thursday House gave me the heebie jeebies, just why does none of the locals want anything to do with that house The story is told in past and present chapters Where the past is told by Caroline, about Poppy when she was a Nanny for her family As her story is unravelled so are her secrets It was so enthralling to read her story Truth Hurts is such a fantastic and original read.I loved that it was not just a thriller but a passionate romance which is full of hidden secrets, intrigue, mystery and perfectly plotted twists that kept me hooked.The Characters are brilliantly written, they are complex and flawed and I couldn t help being completely endeared by them There are plenty of twists to this story, some I didn t see coming, which I always appreciate with my thriller books.The pace is perfect and the tension ramps up nicely.If you are looking for a very Original Thriller, that will have you Gripped, Keep You Guessing and Ultimately an Unputdownable Read Then Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid is definitely the book for you Thank you to Damppebbles tours and Transworld Books for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.My Review is also on my Blog Website Drew and Poppy They had love at first Ibiza bar the beers they sell must be enchanting Their chemistry is so strong They keep secrets from each other and they act suspicious They lie because they know when truth comes out they can lose what they have together I can still hear Lizzo singing Bom bom bi dom bi dum dum bay when I m reading their story.Do you want to know how their story begins Poppy gets fired from her nanny job she s been doing for last 6 years because she stands up against the careless mother who neglects her kids She gets kicked out in the middle of the night, borrowing her ex bosses jeep and wearing ex boss high heels her pride prevents her get back to house for her own shoes and she finally stops at a bar, spending her last money for the beers as charming, older, rich man sits her table Yes this is Drew He seduces her, offering his house s guest room for the night, rejecting to have sex with her because they re both drunk what a gentleman and the very next day, he buys her clothes, pays for hairdresser, joins her to face with her ex boss Mrs Henderson for getting her last payment and leaving the car keys to her house So their one night stand ish meets Pretty Woman ish relationship slowly turns into summer fling and finally Drew asks her to marry him And he also offers her to have a clean slate, having an agreement they re not talking about their past, they will focus on their futures This is a definition of Poppy s dream marriage because something happened to her or she did something really bad at her first nanny gig that she is still feeling guilty about it But what if her husband dearest s secret way too much bigger than hers He buys her a new house as wedding present named Thursday House Because they met on Thursday, oh Drew, how sweet of you but why everyone in the town rejects to work there or why they are over charging them for any regular service Who were the previous owners of the house Why they left so fast without getting any of their belongings Poppy is afraid of knowing because asking for the truth means she has to come clean with her sins she s atoned What if hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil is the best way to have a perfect marriage But what if her perfect marriage is just fa ade and there is a great danger waiting for her at the other side of the iceberg Well, ending is twisty and dark This book is one of quickest reads It was captivating, smart, entertaining It slowed down after the middle, I started to lose my interest but thankfully the author picked up the place where she hits the brakes and starts her fast pacing, heart throbbing drive till the end I liked Poppy Straightforward, smart, sassy, has been raised by over conservative, abusing mother, learning from her mistakes And their hot chemistry with Drew was intriguing There are still some missing elements about the final conclusion Maybe I was waiting for soul crushing explanations but it was still good enough for me I m rounding up my 3.5 stars to 4 because it was still better than 3 starred, mediocre, Switzerland books Special thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins for sharing this page turner ARC in exchange my honest review. You no this really was quite a simple concept, not incredibly taxing and really not that complicated but it worked fantastically.A gripping read that managed to pull me in and instantly invest me in the unfolding narrative.So Poppy gets fired from her nannying job by her insufferable employers and thrown out in the middle of the night in a foreign country.Taking the car she heads to a nearby bar and here she meets an older man the mysterious charismatic and wealthy Drew.Drew really does become her knight rescuing her from her awful situation and offering her somewhere to stay as she has practically not a penny to her name.When he proposes marriage after a whirlwind romance Poppy feels like the princess in a fairytale.When he proposes leaving their past baggage out of the equation and concentrating instead on the now Poppy feels like she has been offered a lifeline with her past sins laid bare she is convinced Drew won t feel the same way about her.Poppy knows what she s hiding but what about Drew just what is he keeping buried and hidden from her.This switches between two narratives the past told from Poppy s previous employer Caroline s POV and the heart of her big secret and the present told from Poppy s.This swings back and forth building a sense of anticipation but also trepidation.It s well written and managed to hook me almost instantly.This is a story about secrets and though I thought I had this all worked out and I mostly Did there was still an instance at the end of this that just came out of left field shocking me.Finally, I really appreciated that finale.This really was a great read that I enjoyed very much.I voluntary reviewed a copy of Truth Hurts.Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttps www.facebook.com beckiebookworm www.beckiebookworm.com

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