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Uncovering the Correttis Uncovering The Correttis PDF Epub Author Carol Marinelli Buyphenergan500.us The Powerful The Familythe Darker The Secrets Meet The Family Everyone S Talking About In This Prequel Novella To The Sicily S Corretti Dynasty Series, Bought To You By Harlequin Presents.Investigative Journalist Emily Hyslop Is Furious When Her Editor And Ex Reassigns Her From A Career Making Expos To A Frivolous Wedding In Sicily But Scandalous Secrets Lie Behind The Union Of The Rival Corretti And Battaglia Families Things Start Looking Up When Emily Meets The Most Intimidating, Not To Mention Sexiest, Man She S Ever Encountered.Detective Anton Soranno Has Valuable Insight Into The Correttis And Their Scandalous Dealingsand Plenty Of Reason To Hate Them He S The Perfect Source Of Information And The He Helps Emily With Her Story, The Time They Have To Explore Their Intense Desire But Even As Their Passionate Nights Uncover Surprising Feelings In Both Of Them, Emily And Anton Know That She Must Leave Sicily Once The Wedding Is Over. This was a very good book I enjoyed reading it I also loved the way the characters were written.I got into reading it and couldn t put it down This book makes reading about other cultures interestingThe e Uncovering The Correttis by Carol MarinelliThis is a prequel to The series titled Sicily s Corretti DynastyIn this prequel by Carol Marinelli we meet hard working Emily Hyslop An investigative reporter who is really pissed off at her editor After putting in long hours on research, and on the verge of a major breaking story, Adam has taken her off the story He has given her big story to another reporter he just so happens to be sleeping with She has been reassigned to Sicily to cover a wedding, but this is no ordinary wedding This is between two rivals, The Battaglia and Corretti families What happens in Sicily is, she comes face to face with the man of her dreams.The only feelings Detective Anton Sorrano has, are feelings of hate He burns with a passion to bring to justice the people responsible for killing his family He believes the ones responsible are The Corretti Family After learning Emily is a reporter he decides they could help each other As he spends time with Emily, he is starting to feel things he hasn t felt for a long time But they are both aware she will only be in Sicily for a couple of days.For a short Novella this prequel packed a lot of punch The passion was really well written I enjoyed both of the main characters This Novella set This is the pre sequel of the Correttis books and if this is what the rest are going to be like I am going to hit melt down with these books, have the first two books already waiting for others to come out Just loved Emily who was sent to Sicily to report on a wedding, which she was not happy about until she found out who s wedding it was A Correttis then she meets mysterious Anton, dark deadly and delicious who could help her get the scoop and so much Loved this to pieces and Car 3 starsNot much of story or the chance to give a whit about the characters. Decent prequel to the series Nancy has a good review Short, fast and fun I liked the outsider POV on the Corretti drama. Very quick read Fast paced novella. A great start to the Correttis Series Uncovering the Correttis is the prequel which introduces us to Sicily s most notorious and scandalous family Secrets, vendettas, power, betrayals, illicit love affairs it s the lives of this powerful and what seems like a very very dysfunctional family.Emily has been sent by her editor to cover a wedding for a travel article and discovers that it s in fact a wedding that will be joining the two most powerful families in Sicily.She meets Anton, a private investigator well that s what he tells her but I feel some deviousness in his behavior , who invites her as his partner to the closed to the media wedding.And wow what a wedding..runaway bride, angry bridegroom left at the altar.ooh..there s going to be some retribution for this This was a very quick read so I wasn t able to really get into the whole romantic build up between Emily and Anton although there s some hot chemistry there Naturally, there s a cliffhanger at the end.leaving you wondering how these two fit into the whole Corretti dynas This was a wonderful beginning to the Correttis Emily Hyslop is an investigative reporter on the verge of revealing an important story She has worked for weeks, using contacts and digging for information But an affair with her boss was her undoing She was supplanted by a ambitious rival Her boss gave away her story to his new lover Angry and disillusioned, she is sent to cover the wedding of the year of the Correttis, where she found an ally in a handsome detective, Anton Soranno Certain the Corettis were responsible for his family s death, Anton has his own agenda to get close to them and Emily fits right into his plans While they are both trying to find the dirt on the Corettis, they engage in a passionate affair Will they find their own love and happiness Or will their past experiences be too much for their need and

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Carol Marinelli was born in England to Scottish parents, then emigrated to Australia, where there are loads of Scottish and English people who did exactly the same, so she s very at home there.She lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne pretty much in her car, driving her three children to their various commitments.Carol writes for the Harlequin Presents and Medical lines and she also writes conte

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