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Unexpected Gifts Life Happensand Then Life Really Happens Teacher Eli Cartwright Has It All Figured Out The Career, The Reliable Boyfriend And The Next Few Dependable Decades Yet Life Has Quite A Sense Of Humor, It Seems, Since Her Perfectly Ordered Existence Has Been Completely Upended Because Eli Is Counseling Pregnant Teens But Now With An Unplanned Pregnancy Of Her Own Suddenly Eli Is Single, Terrifiedand Exuberant And Her Colleague, Zac Keller, Has Never Been Attracted To Her But Can He Convince Eli That Life Sometimes Offers Than One Unexpected Gift At A Time

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    What is a teacher who heads up the teen pregnancy program supposed to do when she gets unexpectedly pregnant She tells her long time boyfriend and hopes for the best Well, for Eli that didn t mean a marriage proposal He wanted nothing to do with a baby It wasn t in his plans or in the plans they had made Eli is scared but determined that her baby will

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    I think this is book is well written and very informative on teen pregnancy and the lack of assistance foor the kids from school systems The twist where the teacher has a non planned pregnancy and how it affects her life and her students is very smart writing The story doesn t revolve just around the holidays so it is a good read for those not ready for Christma

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    Holly Jacobs novel entitled Unexpected Gifts is an interesting romance Elinore Cartwright, or Eli, teaches pregnant teens how to care for themselves and their babies at the local high school in western Pennsylvania Eli s their advocate in much than school matters She s a caring individual She s older, 44, single, but has a boyfriend, Arthur When Eli finds herself pregnan

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    A charming story filled with life truths A forty something single teacher finds out she is pregnant When she tells her boyfriend of five years, he dumps her Ironically, she teaches unmarried pregnant high school girls This is their story.

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    Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiquesFamilies don t always match on the outside, but they matched on the inside, and that s all that counts And that s what family means to me Eli Cartright is a teacher who specializes in working with teenage parents, helping them to find alternatives so they can raise their children and finish school She is than a teacher however, she is a mentor to many of

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    Wonderful story I love all of Holly Jacobs books This one brought tears many times The idea that you don t all have to be the same to be a family is something worthy of discussion Excellent read

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    This was a very touching story of finding love in unexpected places, and discovering parts of yourself that you never knew existed I very much enjoyed it and it s very highly recommended

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