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Vegas Marriage Trickery Anna, Fired From Her Job Has Come To Vegas To Spend Some Time With Her Sister There, She Ends Up Marrying Markus Kruger While The Two Of Them Are Drunk Markus Is Trying To Get Revenge On His Former Girlfriend Who Is Now Engaged To His Cousin Together, The Two Make A Deal To Help The Other Get What They Want Along The Way, Feelings Change And The Couple Manage To Get What They Want From The Marriage And.This Is A Novella Of About 32000 Words.

About the Author: Rachel S. William

Rachel S William is a avid romance fiction writer and author.She grew up in Oakland, California and now resides in San Diego.

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    Good light read And I managed to complete in a day Anna and Markus drunk marry in Las Vegas And then Markus hires her to prevent the marriage of his ex The misadventures along the way makes up the story.

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