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Vimana .COM TOP 10 SCIENCE FICTION BESTSELLER Gods Fought A Terrible War In Our Skies 15,000 Years Ago They Have Returned To Finish It.Ancient Texts Refer To Gods Flying In Craft Called Vimanas And Waging War With What Sound Like Nuclear Weapons These Accounts Are Today Classified As Myth Or Legend.What If They Turned Out To Be Real Vimana Is An Edge Of Your Seat Sci Fi Technothriller About A Young College Student Who Stumbles Upon An Ancient War Between Good And Evil A War That We Thought Was Merely A Part Of Our Ancient Myths And Legends, But Unknown To Us, Is Still Being Waged Everyday In Our Skies As The Forces Of Darkness Conspire To Unleash Worldwide Devastation To Coincide With The End Times Prophecies In 2012, He Discovers His Hidden Destiny Is To Join The Forces Of Light In Bringing This War To A Conclusion At Stake Will Be The Continued Existence Of The Human Race.Star Wars Meets Transformers In This Exciting New Thriller That Will Keep All Science Fiction Fans Satisfied.

About the Author: Mainak Dhar

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vimana book, this is one of the most wanted Mainak Dhar author readers around the world.

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    Vimana is a Sci Fi thriller that uses a third person narrator and follows Aabitya, a young Indian man who is caught up in a fight that is truly otherworldly The author weaves and spins a tale that includes the birth of Homo Sapiens to the lost city of Atlantis, UFO s, the pyramids all the way up to Armageddon It opens up the mind to explore and accept story origins that are not we

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    I m not sure how this book got to the top 10 ons sci fi list, but it must be because of the low, low, price, because it s not that great a novel There s nothing new here aliens as gods of yore has been done a thousand times If you re into that kind of thing, I recommend the Stargate SG 1 TV show, which does it much better This whole book read like some kid s fantasy of meeting aliens There

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    Simply awful Dreadful leaps and gaps in the story line, this reads like it was written for and by a 13 year old Although my own 13 year old would never have written or read such schlock.

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    A cross genre science fiction thrillerThere is a saying in science fiction circles that says that any sufficiently advanced technology will seem like magic to a less advanced civilization encountering it for the first time Imagine people of the 16th century, using horse drawn wagons, encountering an automobile This well written book applies that notion to the concept of ancient alien visitations to Earth Of

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    This isn t usually the type of book I would read but I was so surprised, It was excellent I honestly enjoyed book This book grabs your attention from the beginning and doesn t let go I was on the edge of my seat, its a definite page turner It was muchthan the...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Vimana I swallowed it up in two days I love how the author craftily and seamlessly incorporates the good vs evil, God vs devil plot into his stories It was creative, well written, and very well executed It is my...

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    I give it about a 75% out of a 100 what else would a percentage be out of The book was average Some good ideas in the book, and it s not poorly written, it s just average For 99 cents for thekindle, a decent purchase, although I ve read better for the same cost.

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    Wow this book really surprised me I ve read quite a bit of sci fi AND thrillers this is a great combination of both It melds mythology, fantasy and the reality of war seamlessly I couldn t put it down Kudos to Mr Dhar

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    This was an intriguing read It covered a lot of areas of mystery our possible origins, ancient astronauts, the Gods of men and antiquity, UFO s, unexplained events in history Pretty creative actually.

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    Cannot say I was thrilled with this book I would consider it a book for the younger audience at best.I found the story rather childish, contrived and quite unbelievable even for Sc Fi.

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