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Visiting Mrs Nabokov and Other Excursions Fuelled By Innumerable Cigarettes, Martin Amis Provides Dazzling Portraits Of Contemporaries And Mentors Alike Larkin And Rushdie Greene And Pritchett Ballard And Burgess And Nicholson Baker John Updike Warts And All Vigorously Zipping Across To Washington, He Exposes The Double Think Of Nuke Speak In New Orleans The Republican Convention Gets A Going Over And Then There S Sport He Visits The World Of Darts And Its Disastrous Attempt To Clean Itself Up Dirty Tricks In The World Of Chess And Some Brisk But Vicious Poker With Al Alvarez And David Mamet.Sex Without Madonna, Expulsion From School, A Stones Gig That Should Have Been Gagged, On Set With Robocop Or On Court With Gabriela Sabatini, This Is Martin Amis At His Electric Best.

About the Author: Martin Amis

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Visiting Mrs Nabokov and Other Excursions book, this is one of the most wanted Martin Amis author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Visiting Mrs Nabokov and Other Excursions

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    Martin Amis writing jazzy, restrained, well informed, and right minded journalism about the titular Mrs V.N., nuclear lunacy, the making of Robocop II, nude sunbathing at Cannes, darts, snooker, poker, getting expelled, John Updike, John Lennon, Elton

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    My favorite passage Just before the 1978 Championship I interviewed Korchnoi in London, at the Savoy At one point, twisting powerfully in his chair, he became silent, and then grew dreamy With some wistfulness he confessed that he despaired of ever bringing h

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    Enjoyable pieces written by Amis in the 1980s and 1990s The best articles were the ones about Salman Rushdie, Saul Bellow, Issac Assimov, and Martin s visit to Vera Nabokov.

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    What a brilliant title, so inspired and inciting, this book has got The contents, however, were a little bit disappointing, a hurry scurry of places, games, people whose only connection was, as the author himself says in the Introduction, getting out of the house And these e

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    Martin Amis is one of my favorite writers, but this collection of non fiction just kind of sucks I don t give a fuck about nukes.

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    Astonishingly well written, always insightful, by turns hilarious and deadly serious, and with an admirable variation of topics, Amis s essays are the best I ve read since the peak of Vidal s career In other words, he vies with hi...

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    He s at his best when he writes about other writers and their writings Greene, Updike, Ballard, Naipaul, Bellow, Rushdie, Larkin, Burgess and of course, Nabokov But there is no worst in this collection, only less than best These are t...

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    Amis is amusing, but not nearly as funny or original as I wish he was The best stuff is all about authors and their lives Graham Greene, V.S Pritchett, John Braine, Isaac Asimov, the Nabokovs The worst is all about sports.

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    i feel sad that mrs nabokov had to put up with this guy in her old age.

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    Nuclear City The Megadeath Intellectuals, page 16 A train carrying the Hiroshima yield in TNT form would take up four miles of track A train carrying the equivalent of the Soviet H bomb would put a girdle round the earth at the latitude of London with a three thousand mile overlap Military strategists, of course, have a s

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