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Weather: A Concise Introduction 1, Gregory J. Hakim, Jérôme Patoux - Amazon.com Advance Praise In These Days Of Dumbed Down Science Curricula, It S Heartening To See This Serious, Lucid, And Engaging Textbook For Non Majors Concise, Yet Containing A Wealth Of Interesting Material, Well Explained And Beautifully Illustrated Rather Than Focusing On Scientific Laws And Principles, The Authors Help Readers To Observe, Interpret And Understand Atmospheric Phenomena, Stimulating Their Curiosity About The Natural World And Exercising Their Critical Thinking Skills By Making Good Choices About What And What Not To Include In The Book And Making Extensive Use Of Boxes For Presentingadvanced Material, The Authors Have Produced A Book That Serious Students Should Be Able To Read And Digest Over The Course Of A Semester And Instructors Ought To Be Able To Use As A Framework Within Which They Can Embed Their Own Course Notes John M Wallace, University Of WashingtonAdvance Praise This Is A Wide Ranging And Beautifully Illustrated Book That Would Be An Ideal Text To Accompany A University Introductory Course On Weather And Climate Science The Book Is Also Accessible To Those With Ageneral Interest In The Weather, Who Could Skip The Text Boxes Which Explain The Scientific Aspects Indetail Pete Inness, University Of ReadingAdvance Praise This Book Would Work Very Well With My Meteorology Course, Better Than Any Other Textbook I Ve Tried I Appreciate The Layout And Progression Of Material As It Matches Almost Exactly How I Teach Meteorology I Find The Use Of Case Studies Throughout The Book Especially Useful William B Cade, Baylor University, TexasAdvance Praise This Textbook Is An Authoritative And Clearly Written Introductory Meteorology Text That Should Have A Broad Appeal To Faculty And Students Engaged In Introductory Meteorology Courses As Well Anyone With An Interest In How Our Atmosphere Works Fred Rogers, Franklin Pierce University, New HampshireAdvance Praise Understanding Water Is Key To Meteorology Studies, Yet Students Are Mystified By Most Textbooks Coverage Of Water Hakim And Patoux Have Written A Comprehensive And Approachable Treatment Of Water S Role In The Atmosphere Suitable For Both Beginning Meteorology Students And Advanced Students Desiring A Refresher On Fundamental Concepts Rachel Mauk, Ohio State UniversityAdvance Praise Hakim And Patoux Have Succeeded In Creating A Text That Manages To Be Both Brief Yet Comprehensive In Coverage At A Reasonable Price Neither Flashy Nor Pretentious, The Scholarship Is Sound And The Material Is Presented In A Way That Students Who Come To The Course With No Specific Knowledge Of Meteorology But With Some Level Of Comfort With Math And The Way That Scientists Think, Will Be Comfortable Approaching The Material Sufficient Depth Of Coverage Is Provided To Provide Challenges And Encourage Further Exploration The Flexible Organization Of The Chapters Will Allow Instructors To Tailor The Readings According To Their Particular Class Needs Langdon D Clough, Northeastern University, MassachusettsAn Accessible, Beautifully Illustrated Text, Covering The Fundamentals Of Meteorology In A Concise, Clear, And Engaging Manner Designed To Offer Students A Strong Foundation In The Physical, Dynamical, And Chemical Processes Taking Place In The Atmosphere, This Introductory Textbook Provides A Practical Approach To The Study Of Meteorology.

About the Author: Gregory J Hakim

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Weather: A Concise Introduction 1, Gregory J. Hakim, Jérôme Patoux - Amazon.com , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Gregory J Hakim auteurs dans le monde.

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