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Well Meet Again Meg and Rayner, a German soldier, fall in love despite the fact that the Germans are occupying Meg s beloved home Sounds interesting and incredibly romantic, doesn t it Unfortunately, this book does not fulfil its pote Wasn t too bad a listen Took use of listeybooks which just joined and loans audio books like a library and wanted an easy listen and this book fit the bill while ticking off the book with song title in Set in WW2 about a girl in occupied Guernsey falling in love Enjoyable romantic tale with good description of the Nazi occupation of Guernsey. I almost didn t want this book to end I couldn t put it down and had to keep reading to know what was going to happen next It was a bit predictable in places, but well worth the read You don t often read books about those who lived on the British Channel Islands during th Brilliant. Great storySuch a lovely story, such hardships during the war.But there could be only one ending On an Island that we may have forgotten about Brilliant read love this author books,it s a lovely war story highly recommend. It Is April 1939 And Unaware That The German War Machine Is Advancing Towards The Channel Islands, Seventeen Year Old Meg Colivet And Her Sister Are Enjoying A Holiday In Oxford With Their Aunt Here Meg Meets Charismatic German Undergraduate Rayner Weiss And The Couple Fall Passionately In Love But All Too Soon, Britain Is At War With German Y, Guernsey Has Been Occupied And Meg S Family Home Requisitioned By The German Army.Meg Insists On Remaining With Her Father, Determined To Help Save Her Beloved Island From The Ravages Of War And Then She Finds Herself Face To Face With Rayner Now A German Officer Once And Her Life Is Thrown Into Turmoil As They Risk Their Lives To Meet In Secret As The Conflict In Europe Intensifies, Basic Provisions Become Scarce And Soon The People Meg Loves Come Under Threat Torn Between Her Love For Rayner And Her Duty To Her Family And The Island She Grew Up On, A Heartbroken Meg Has A Terrible Choice To Make Interesting story of life as it is lived after the enemy take over, all I can say is as hard as we had it in England we did not have to live under enemy dictatorship, and I thank GOD for that Meg is on holiday in Oxford from Guernsey with her sister when she meets Rayner a German student However this is is 1939 and within a short time the island is occupied by German officers and when Rayner appears Meg is forced to decide between her twin loyalties.I felt this book was alright as far as it went but promised so much than it actually delivered and was very stilted at times The characters weren t

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