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When Elephants Weep This National Bestseller Exploring The Complex Emotional Lives Of Animals Was Hailed As A Masterpiece By Elizabeth Marshall Thomas And As Marvelous By Jane Goodall.The Popularity Of When Elephants Weep Has Swept The Nation, As Author Jeffrey Masson Appeared On Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, And Was Profiled In People For His Ground Breaking And Fascinating Study Not Since Darwin S The Expression Of Emotions In Man And Animals Has A Book So Thoroughly And Effectively Explored The Full Range Of Emotions That Exist Throughout The Animal Kingdom From Dancing Squirrels To Bashful Gorillas To Spiteful Killer Whales, Masson And Coauthor Susan McCarthy Bring Forth Fascinating Anecdotes And Illuminating Insights That Offer Powerful Proof Of The Existence Of Animal Emotion Chapters On Love, Joy, Anger, Fear, Shame, Compassion, And Loneliness Are Framed By A Provocative Re Evaluation Of How We Treat Animals, From Hunting And Eating Them To Scientific Experimentation Forming A Complete And Compelling Picture Of The Inner Lives Of Animals, When Elephants Weep Assures That We Will Never Look At Animals In The Same Way Again.

About the Author: Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

He has written several books books critical of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychiatry as well as books on animals, their emotions and their rights.He currently lives in New Zealand with his wife, two sons, three cats and three rats.

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    so disappointing i had such high hopes but every page was like, maybe animals have feelings but we re not sure yet i mean, cats seem to but who knows elephants look like they re crying sometimes are they really we may never find out trash.

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    Readers note the author is a professor of Sanskrit and a trained Freudian analyst who has a passion for animals and exploring our relationships to animals from a philosophical point of view He is not a practicing biologist, animal behaviorist, or any other ist within the zoological anthropological realm I believe his intent is to help make this area of sciencecompelling, interesting, and accessibl

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    A mother giraffe fends off a lion for an hour to defend her child A male chimpanzee dies shortly after his mother Koko the gorilla cares for a pet kitten she names All Ball A male falcon displays uncharacteristic behavior, including sounds that sound like cries of anguish, when his mate is killed A gorilla who is given orange juice as a treat, gives it instead one day to a researcher who complains of a sto

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    While I agree with the principles in this book, that s all I agree with There are several reasons.First and most obvious to many who read it he has a huge amount of anger towards scientists I can appreciate this to a large extent, animals have been and are still used in experiments which are horrible His anger has transcended the normal boundaries to become fanatical The problem with this is twofold On the one hand

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    Repetitive No science Reads something like this scientists suck because I think my pets have feelings and they really do because I can just tell and how can anyone say they don t Also, other people think their pets have feelings So there Flawless argument Horribly misinterprets or over interprets behaviors and actions Everything right up to the looks dogs give and of course, from a look you can read their mind because it s

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    I was hoping this would belike Animals in Translation Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior, with lots of interesting facts backed up with evidence Instead, it reads like an essay arguing that ethologists...

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    About as scientific as Googling amazing animal stories Had some good anecdotal evidence, but in the end, the answer to the question Do animals have emotions still remains maybe The reader must take into account while reading this that the author is not an animal psyc...

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    I am a lion hungry for a piece of meat, but I can t seem to get it across to Mr Masson I stood up on my hind legs and mewed and whined and begged, but no nice red meat All of which is to say that I got to about page 55 and said to myself that this book was not worth the investment in time and energy The book is actually a polemic fueled by Mr Masson s dislike about something or other in the scientific community and inflated by his speculations and rh

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    This could easily be a five star book, as I believe it can change the life ofmany people who do not give enough credit to animals However in my case I was already in agreement with the fact that animals do have emotions and feel just as much as we do, so it was not a life changing book per say However this book is very intelligent It s well written, very scientific in its approach, and while at times can be a bit snarky, is justifiably so This is not the feel

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    When Elephants Weep The Emotional Lives of Animals By Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy Review by Patty Tsao The nonfiction When Elephants Weep The Emotional Lives of Animals by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy is an interesting book that demonstrates a thorough and special view on animal behaviors and emotions that humans often ignore This whole book is like a research paper with lots of fascinating experiments and amazing stories that will giv

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