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Write It When I'm Gone Reading Write It When I M Gone Thomas M DeFrank Federicoscridel.eu In 1974, Newsweek Correspondent Thomas M DeFrank Was Interviewing Gerald Ford When The Vice President Blurted Out Something Astonishingly Indiscreet He Then Extracted A Promise Not To Publish It Write It When I M Dead, Ford Said And Thus Began A Thirty Two Year Relationship.During The Last Fifteen Years Of Their Conversations, Ford Opened Up To DeFrank, Speaking In A Way Few Presidents Ever Have Here The Award Winning Journalist Reveals These Private Talks, As Ford Discusses His Experiences With His Fellow Presidents, The Warren Commission, And His Exchanges With Bill Clinton During The Latter S Impeachment Process In Addition, He Shares His Thoughts About Both Bush Administrations, The Iraq War, His Beloved Wife Betty, And The Frustrations Of Aging Write It When I M Gone Is Not Only A Historical Document But An Unprecedented Portrait Of A President. Sadly, this book is not the undisclosed look into the private thoughts and opinions of Ford For three decades of interviews, there wasn t much substance Ford must have been a very honest politician because didn t give the author much than he gave the rest of the world The book felt like a collection of short essays and not one flowing book The chapters kept referring back and repeating information that was only printed a few pages before.Unless you re a huge Ford fan, I the simple ground rules we d already established nothing he said could be printed until after his death. Thomas DeFrank, the author of Write It When I m Gone 2007 , was a Newsweek correspondent and journalist when in 1973 he was assigned to cover Vice President Gerald R Ford At that time it was gradually becoming clear that Mr Ford might soon become the 38th President of the United States The relationship between the author and Mr Ford something than a professional acquaintance, perhaps even friendship lasted for one third of a century until the politician s death in 2006 The book, based on 16 years of interview sessions that had begun in 1991, is a memoir of Mr Ford s political career viewed through the prism of his conversations with the author.To me absolutely the best aspect of the book is that the only unelected Vice President and the only unelected President of the U.S comes across the pages as a real person Not an accident prone bumbler as portrayed in press and comedy SNL but indeed a most remarkably guileless political figure Whil Book Twenty Seven of my presidential challenge I m a Ford, not a Lincoln Gerald FordSometimes you just have to take one for the team Gerald Ford knows that than most In the wake of the Watergate scandal, someone needed to step in and calm the country down Ford was that guy The perfect guy for that really He wasn t showy or flashy, he was a horrible public speaker and he was clumsy like insanely clumsy.Ford s first major act as President was to unconditionally pardon Richard Nixon Ford thought this would put the issue to rest Instead, it woke it back up and everybody freaked out It instantly doomed his presidency and is literally the only thing that people remember about the man Until his dying day, he maintained that he d been correct in this decision but who knows what he really thought in the still of the night, with only his thoughts to keep him company.This book doesn t cover much of Ford s Presidency, not directly that is Rather, it is a series of interviews that Thomas Defrank had with Ford spanning Ford s vice presidency until Ford s death The majority of the interviews were given on the condition that they not be printed until Ford died.The book loses something with this approach because it mostly just becomes a bitchfest technical term for Ford I think it s safe to say Ford was a bad judge of character He never really got upset with Nixon and doesn t hold a grudge years later, even when Nixon clearly thought Ford was an idiot and never properly thanked For the first two chapters of this book I thought it was kind of a breezy, superficial romp with Ford by a journalist who clearly adored the man Jerry Ford is a human being cum laude, a down to earth, earnest, genuinely likable guy with an infectious laugh and not the slightest hint of pretentiousness.There was some nice narrative style analysis of the unique position in which Ford found himself, including a nice little tidbit from William Safire totally forgot that he had a career in politics prior to his On Language era He Ford must be at once loyal and independent both his own man and the president s man a defender uncorrupted by the defense.It was interesting to read an insiders view of how Ford reacted to his two attempted killer ladies within 17 days, and Ford seemed like a genuinely laid back guy with the press, which definitely couldn t have been said of his predecessor Sure, I started to question author Thomas M Defrank s characterizations a bit when he portrays Dick Cheney as a sort of merry prankster while on the road with Gerald Ford and his cadre of journalists, but I wasn t looking for a hard hitting piece of journalistic investigation here N.b. Yes, it isGerald with a G and Jerry with a J The chapter Jerry Ford Inc was a fine defense as to why and how Ford turned being an ex president into such a hot commodity.However it I would actually give this 3.5 stars It s been sitting on my shelf for months because I wasn t eager to tear into it I was surprised that it was such an insightful read I thought that it was going to be about Ford s presidency While it did touch on the Nixon Ford years, the book was of a series of interviews about his political observations over the years When Newsweek reporter Thomas DeFrank was assigned to cover newly appointed Vice President Gerald Ford, he knew there was a good chance his beat could be the advent of a new presidency Vice President Ford was an easy going fellow with his press contingent, and DeFrank and Ford forged a relationship based on mutual trust and respect which continued during Ford s eventual presidency The remarkable conversations referenced in the subtitle began in Ford s post presidential years when he granted interviews to DeFrank several times a year with the understanding that none of it would be published until after Ford s death Little did either man know that Ford would become the longest living ex president in American history with the longest post presidency, although his longevity has now been surpassed by George H W Bush, and the span of Ford s post presidential years has now been surpassed by Jimmy Carter s During their wide ranging discussions, Ford was candid about his complex attitudes toward Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43, along with other prominent politicians including John McCain, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Dick Cheney among others Ford was also forthcoming with opinions about all kinds of issues not published elsewhere the direction of the country, foreign relations, the role of ex presidents and the guilt of O J Simpson Ford died in 2006, and this book was published in 2007 Interestingly, there is no mention of Barack Obama w Pretty terribly organized book whose insights are minimal and dissappointing The books title grossly exaggerates a relationship between author and subject that seemed little than cordial , while Gerald Ford comes across as a plain jane jock frat boy who lacked depth At 12 30 in the morning, he exited the press room I thought he looked like a man with the world s weight still on his broad shoulders Just before he disappeared into the residence, he turned to an aide and posed a question A couple days later, I caught up with the aide and asked about his query Ford had merely asked, Say, does anyone know who won the Bullets game I walked away with a sense that he was a man who was both deceptively crafty and at the same time fundamentally decent but not enough of either to be really compelling He certainly made the most of his hand, but at the end you feel like you watched Review originally posted on Dead Presidents Write It When I m Gone Remarkable Off the Record Conversations with Gerald R FordBy Thomas M DeFrankHardcover 2007 258 pp Putnam.As I mentioned prominently in my review of Bob Greene s Fraternity , what interests me primarily about the Presidents and the Presidency is not policy, politics, or administrative accomplishments, but the personality of the individuals who have held the most powerful office in the world All of those other things DO interest me, but I enjoy digging deeper into the personal aspect of each of the Presidents and it is difficult finding books that really are a home run in that department It takes the rare combination of understanding, access, and interest by the author to reach beyond the politics of a President and illuminate what he is as a person.Reporter Thomas M DeFrank not only possessed those abilities, but took the study of a Presidential personality to the next level in 2007 s Write It When I m Gone Remarkable Off the Record Conversations with Gerald R Ford As a correspondent for Newsweek in 1974, DeFrank was assigned to cover Gerald Ford Vice President at the time and clearly destined for the Presidency due to the Watergate scandal hanging over President Richard Nixon When Ford made a verbal slip during an interview with DeFrank and said something he shouldn t have, he grabbed DeFrank by the tie and wouldn t le Never knew a whole lot about Pres Ford, but after reading this I have a lot of respect for him Ford was a dedicated public servant who brought dignity back to the White House after the turmoil of Watergate I never knew that he was criticized so harshly for the money he made after being in office His successors owe him for paving the way in the post presidential speaking circuit Also, I didn t know how Ford really felt about Reaganthe political life isn t always fun Really liked the easy style of this book as opposed to the stuffy bios of former presidents You kind of feel like a fly on the wall as Ford speaks off the record about everything from raising money for his Presidential Library to his opinions about O.J Simpson Interestin

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