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Zenobia July Read Zenobia July Author Lisa Bunker Ivogue.co.uk The Critically Acclaimed Author Of Felix Yz Crafts A Bold, Heartfelt Story About A Trans Girl Solving A Cyber Mystery And Coming Into Her Own.Zenobia July Is Starting A New Life She Used To Live In Arizona With Her Father Now She S In Maine With Her Aunts She Used To Spend Most Of Her Time Behind A Computer Screen, Improving Her Impressive Coding And Hacking Skills Now She S Coming Out Of Her Shell And Discovering A Community Of Friends At Monarch Middle School People Used To Tell Her She Was A Boy Now She S Able To Live Openly As The Girl She Always Knew She Was.When Someone Anonymously Posts Hateful Memes On Her School S Website, Zenobia Knows She S The One With The Abilities To Solve The Mystery, All While Wrestling With The Challenges Of A New School, A New Family, And Coming To Grips With Presenting Her True Gender For The First Time Timely And Touching, Zenobia July Is, At Its Heart, A Story About Finding Home.

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    Many thanks to Penguin Books for Young Readers for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review How can they not know It just keeps happening that nobody sees and so I ve kept going, but I m always waiting for the hammer to fall, and I hate having this hammer over my head I hate it This is truly one of th

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    Personal stuff below.So Gender What does it mean to me Honestly, it s simple He negates me He erases me.I ve always known that I m different Since I was little I knew that I wasn t a boy I ve never been completely sure that I m the opposite, but I ve always been comfortable for the most part existing as something in between.And of cours

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    Liked this trans girl MG so much Really memorable and varied secondary cast, no deadnaming though there is misgendering of another character , and I love that the MC is a cybergenius.

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    E ARC from Edleweiss PlusZenobia has moved from Arizona, where she lived with her dysfunctional father after the death of her mother, and is now living in Maine with her Aunt Lucy and her wife Phil She is starting a new school, and rather nervous about it, especially since she is a trans girl and no one at the new school knows her background She wants to k

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    One thing I really like about Lisa Bunker s books is that the LGBT characters have actual stories instead of Just Being Gay or trans, or what have you In this one, Zenobia fights cybercrime while potentially commiting some of her own She s trans, it s a major part of the story, but it isn t the only part of the story She s a well rounded character, and she s so lova

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    One of the best trans books I ve read I also really loved the author s delicate and honest portrayal of Christian Evangelism I wish the editor had cut out the interludes I will be interested to see what those look like in the final print version.

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    Okay, I really feel the need to have two separate reviews for this one.First, the story itself It wasokay, but there was some pretty big issues with it, mainly with regards to the hacking I m not a hacker, but I do have some decent programming knowledge, and while some of the basic details worked and there are plenty of hackers that are pre teens it went way overboard into Zen b

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    5 YOU GUYS Add this to your TBR STAT if you work in a middle school It s phenomenal I am about to do a terrible job describing it because I just cannot capture its amazingness in words that do it justice Zen is starting over in a new state and new school when she moves in with her aunts She can finally be who she really is and wear what she really wants, including dresses She falls in with a qui

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    I really liked Zen and enjoyed reading her figure out who she could and would be, who she wanted to be friends with, how to see herself as she wants to I love the family related and chosen and friends that she gains the Aunties and Uncle Sprink, Arli, Dyna, and to a lesser extent Clem and Elijah I appreciat...

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    I loved this book, which was totally different from the author s first book but just as powerful in its own regard The way this author handles gender stuff is just phenomenal, incorporating specific experiences that trans and nonbinary people have that are rarely, if ever, featured in literature of any time The story has a LOT happening in it all at once, which I imagine would be overwhelming for some readers and e

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