MOVING ON returns, with episodes by Shaun Duggan and Anthony Gannie

The new series of MOVING ON begins on Monday 10th November (and every day that week) on BBC One at 2.15pm. We are delighted that not one, but two of our brilliant clients have written episodes for this sixth series, which was created by Jimmy McGovern.

The first episode, MADGE, is written by Shaun Duggan and stars Academy Award-winner Hayley Mills (POLLYANNA, THE PARENT TRAP). Madge may seem like a perfectly respectable woman in her late 60s – her partner Eric and his family certainly think so – but she is in fact carrying a dark secret… A husband who has been in prison for 12 years!

Episode two, THE SIGNATURE, is written by Anthony Gannie and stars Lisa Riley as school dinner lady Moira, struggling to support her husband Ken, an MS sufferer, and their two kids by keeping down a second job in a corner shop. When a customer Moira thinks is well-off comes in with what turns out to be a winning lottery ticket, Moira lies and says she hasn’t won, stashing the ticket for herself. But can she bring herself to claim the money, or will her conscience get the better of her?

Do tune in to watch these terrific stories, which go out on Monday and Tuesday respectively, and will thereafter be available on BBC iPlayer. You can see more about the series on the BBC website.