OLD TIMES previews kick off to a flying start

The publicity surrounding Roundabout Theatre’s production of Harold Pinter’s OLD TIMES directed by Douglas Hodge increases as the play previews to glowing praise on social media.




The play boasts an impressive cast starring Clive Owen – who is making his broadway debut in this production, Eve Best and Kelly Reilly, with music composed by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Director Douglas Hodge, who has worked closely with Pinter, said of him;

“I can’t find anyone like him anymore…I miss him hugely. He had a certainty about him. He was unchangeable about certain things. He was a true man of the theatre. He loved the theatre, he loved actors, he was willing to risk all sorts of things. He didn’t mind if he couldn’t be understood at first. He wanted it to be more poetic, to be more complex. Those sort of things I don’t see anywhere else.”

Previews runs until Oct 6th when the play officially opens at the American Airlines Theatre.