To adults James is perhaps best known as ‘that other bloke who’s not Mitchell or Webb’ in BBC2’s BAFTA Award-winning sketch show THAT MITCHELL AND WEBB LOOK, Alistair the anger management therapist in Steve Coogan’s SAXONDALE, or the loveably idiotic Victorian Harry Biscuit in Radio 4’s Sony Award-nominated comedy BLEAK EXPECTATIONS. To children he is simply (gasp!) the star of three series of CBBC’s hit sketch show SORRY, I’VE GOT NO HEAD.

In collaboration with others and on his own, James has a long career as a writer of both narrative and broken comedy. As well as writing for the sketch shows he appears in on TV and radio, he has also written material for Armstrong & Miller, Ant & Dec, Mel & Sue, Watson & Oliver, Horne & Corden, Jamie Theakston & Zoe Ball, Armando Iannucci, Milton Jones, Jack Docherty, and Les Dennis.  He has co-written and recorded two sitcom pilots for Radio 4 and written and developed TV sitcom scripts and treatments for Objective, Baby Cow, Pozzitive, Tiger Aspect, Endemol, Princess, Channel X, Absolutely and BBC Comedy as well as writing episodes of the kids sitcom ME AND MY MONSTERS for CBBC, and two treatments for a TV film for THE MUPPETS.

James can also be seen on FUNNY OR DIE, YouTube, Twitter and in Empire Magazine as the film director Peeder Jigson, star of PEEDER JIGSON’S VIDEO DIARY which documents the trials and tribulations of filming J. R. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hubbard’.

He is currently developing a sitcom for Radio 4, a topical show for Channel 5, a play for the Soho Theatre, a film for Pulse Films, a 17th Century sitcom for kids, an action-adventure-comedy for ‘that folder on his laptop’, and a couple of really good sketch shows for whoever wants them.